Monday, July 7, 2008

Two letters/ One day!

Sat. July 5th, 2008
Bonjour ma Famille
Je suis Fatigue'! Well I know I wrote a letter like a day ago, but that was an assignment from our Branch President's wife, and we didn't have much time to write. Now it is our P-Day and we have time to actually relax and have a little time. I have been super busy these first few days and it's not going to let up. French is coming ok, and we are teaching the first lesson tonight for the first time. I'm kinda nervous but it will be ok. Yesterday for the 4th we were in classrooms all day. Then around 8:30 they called all the missionaries down to the gym and we had a fireside . At the fireside we played hymns with chimes. There was like 2,200 or 2,500 missionaries and probably 1,000 chimes and pretty much in essence, we played "chime hero". You know, like guitar hero but with chimes and hymns! It was neat for the first hour, but then it got a little boring. Then at 10:15 or so the MTC Pres. let us stay up and go outside to watch the Stadium of Fire. We couldn't see much and didn't stay up much later than usual, but it was kinda fun. Yesterday was so exhausting. I was really tired and so was Elder Robinson.
Well, how is life at home? How is Clinton's house coming? Do you just like miss me like crazy? Ya...that's what I thought! I think I will get an email address sometime next week so I can email you. If you have anyone's address, send them to me please!
Preach My Gospel is a really neat thing and we have great teachers. I have two main teachers, Soeur Thornhill...she went to the Geneva Switzerland Mission and she knows Hebrew too. She is really smart and I am NOT, so she is always correcting my terrible French, because everyone else knows a little French. My other teacher is Fre're Brown...he is awesome and went to Tahiti. My district is pretty neat. I think I might have told you about them...Elders Robinson, Sorensen, Ferguson, Larson and Schmutz or Schmutzeson as I call him. Ya, anyway I don't mean to bore you so I will talk with you later. Love you all and I hope you are doing great! Oh yes, I forgot to draw Katie her requested Mr. Gumps and I feel like drawing so...

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