Monday, April 20, 2009

Yo Yo Yo, Wats up? G...

SO .. another crazy fast week here in Bruxelles.. The days and weeks and months just melt away.. it's pretty crazy..I feel like I'm falling down a well trying to grab onto the sides but all I get is moss and little weeds... haha  There is just so much to do it's insane..
The work is going well. Elder Hoskyns and I are trying to find time to get a little more organized and find time to do everything... but we have a lot of little stuff that eats up our time to prosylite.. (don't know how you spell that).. but ya..
Soooooo I got a couple of crazy little stories... So Elder Hoskyns has this friend that is a girl that is a Sister Missionary and he has been telling me about her the last little bit... well then last week I found out that Triena got home and I was telling him how wierd that was... Well then he gets a letter from his 'kind of girlfriend' with pictures, and he opens it and it is her with her companion who is Triena Topham... I just started freaking out like "What the freak? Oh man, that is the girl I was talking about that is home now!" So you will have to ask Treina if she ever talked to Sister Day about Elder Wes Hoskyns.. What are the odds?.. So that was the first crazy thing... the second was, one night Elder Kam and I were just laying in bed (yes in seperate beds) and we were talking about before the mission and it got brought up about how I lived in Lewiston and Elder Kam is like "No way! You lived in Lewiston? Isn't that near Clarkston?" and I said, "ya, I actually lived in Clarkston".. He was like, "Oh man, my best friend lived there for most of his life until his family moved to Sugar City." Then he asks me, "Do you know this one lady who is married to this older guy... he's like 40 and she is like 20 or something?" and I was like, "uhhh... ya! Is her name Lacey?" and he was like, "Ya!" and I just start laughing. I guess his best friend from Sugar Cityy is Lacey Port's little brother.. what a small world... He was like, "That's so weird that you know them." He knew all the kids and stuff. I told him that I had been over to their house and that I had been their Home Teacher with Danny for a while... That was pretty cool...
Sounds like things are still crazy at home with people, with buns in the oven, and others movin..
This last week was great!  We started teaching this man named Aimé.  He is pretty elect.. We taught him a bunch of times this week and asked him to be baptized and he told us that he was not ready.  Then he was like, "I will tell you what we can do... We can meet three times a week and I will come to church every Sunday... and maybe in four weeks I will be ready."  HAHA  That was so crazy, I thought I was getting punked.. I was like.. AM I GETTING PUNKED??  ASHTON??.. WHERE ARE YOU ASHTON...??  Oh sorry that was a little boafy comment, but I just laughed because that is the direction that Elder L. Tom Perry has given us.. to teach them three times a week for 30 min.. and get them to church every Sunday and they will be baptized.. So we are teaching him and all is well...
We are also teaching this lady named Claire from Senegal.. She is so great. She is so Blunt and honest.. she will tell you straight up that you are stupid if you are stupid.. so that's great.. because we teach a lot of people that act like they like it when we teach them, but then they dodge our phone calls and other things like that... SO anyway... Claire perfectly understands that the church was restored and that she needs to be re-baptized; she was baptized Catholic.. She knows all this but she is just fighting it and it's kinda funny.  We talked to her again about baptism last night and she was like, "but I was already baptized.  It's the same thing." And so we were like, "Claire, What is baptism?"  She explained it and then we were like, "did you make the choice and the promise to follow the commandments when you were a baby?" and she said no.  Then we were like, "Did you have sins when you were a baby?" and she said no.  Then we were like,  "Do you understand that the authority was lost and that the Church of Jesus Christ was restored and that this is the only church that has the authority to baptize?" and she said,  "yes, yes I know it's all true."  So she will be baptized the end of May, around the 29th.. she is soo funny... 
I love you very much.  Have a good week..
Here is my address, or just at the office.. because we are always there as well..
106 Ave. Marechal Joffre
1190 Forest
Love, Elder Simonson

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brazilians, Phillipinos, Ecuadorians, Columbians = Miracles + Elect people..

SOoooo Bruxelles... The most stinking amazing place ever... I love it sooo much here.. It is so great.. I Love Elder Hoskyns.. He is such a hard worker.. also a tiny thing I didn't tell you was that I'm a Zone Leader here in Brussels.. That is why I'm here with an older companion that works hard and that is why we see TONS of miracles... We love going out and working!  This week we needed to purge our teaching pool to get rid of all the boafy Africans.. and just all the crappy, non-progressing investigators.. So we just did like a week of straight finding.. and the Lord blessed us SOOOO much .. oh man.. 
Dad, here in this Ward there are so many Brazilians it's sweet.. half the ward speaks Portuguese.. and the Bishop and almost all the leaders are from Brazil.  The Ward is great, it is half Americans/International people that speak English... and French. We counted and I think there is something like 14 different languages spoken here in this Ward... English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Tagolog, Chinese Lingala, Tui, and Basa and some other African languages.. it's sooo great! 
This week we found some great new Africans.. but also we tapped into the Metro contacting and finding all the South Americans.. Elder Hoskyns can kinda speak Spanish.. I can understand it for the most part but.. can't speak it at all.. should have worked harder in High School huh?  But we are going to be teaching two people from Brazil and we have a bunch of members that will help us... Also we will be teaching Ecuadorians and Columbians.. and Peruvians..Romainians.. I love INTERNATIONAL BRUXELLES! 
As for that..ya.. well so there is just some crazy news from home..  I can't believe Treina is freaking home.. I swear she left like just a little before me..... I'm confused.. but I guess it makes sense.. still blows my mind!  That's crazy...
Well... I got a little news about Fatiha... this last week her daughter found out that she was meeting with us.. and everything kinda exploded.. her daughter left and was just mad and Fatiha didn't want to loose her sooooo.. She called me here in Brussels to see what she should do. I just told her that she needed to do what the Lord wants her to do.. and then the blessings would follow.. and that her daughter would come back... sooo good news is... her daughter came back... bad news is is that she stopped meeting with Elder Schmutz until the 21st after Easter holiday; so she won't be baptized on the 18th.. but she said she will still be baptized, but she wants ME to baptize her.... but i can't.. and it doesn't really matter who does it.. but.. oh well...
(This is a picture of Fatiha)
We are going to teach a Columbian family tonight. The daughter who is 20 is sooo awesome.. she is so elect.. we were over at their house and she left for a second and she told her mom, "Don't let them leave, I need to ask them some questions".. then we taught her forever and she was like, "When can you come back and give me a Book of Mormon in Spanish and explain more?" 
Then we just randomly called this guy and he is elect as well.  He has cancer and has been wondering about the resurection and stuff.. and we taught him this week and he was just like, ya... finally something! I just need this calm...I'm going to a Protestant church and it hurts my head.. I don't like it... then another guy just randomly shows up for church.. so we are teaching him this week as well.. There are SOOOO many more stories I should tell you, but I don't have much more time.. I love you and thank you.. Good luck everyone with all the new changes and moving and... stuff... I miss you all!
Elder Simonson 
(Here are some pictures of me in a park in Brussels today.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ghanians, Chinese... and just all sorts

Ahhh back in Bruxelles.. I love it.. It is soooo crazy, people everywhere, crazy people everywhere... 3 times more Africans which equals 3 times more the awesomeness... more time on trams and metros... always having miracles and ya... It's Bruxelles... We have been teaching in English and Spanish.. a little Romanian and French occasionally.. Being back in Bruxelles reminds me of my first transfer.. and I realize now that I was so scared and lost that I didn't even realize half the people around me spoke English.. or Dutch.. now I am not lost and realize quickly well that's Dutch not French... 
I now live with Elder Hoskyns, my companion... Elder Wallace from California, Elder Kam from good old Sugar City, Idaho... and Elder Honeycut from North Carolina... We are five in the apartment.. it's a nice apartment... we have a dishwasher and a washer and dryer.. sooo I'm right at home... They are all old in the mission. Elder Kam has 12 weeks left, Elder Honeycut and Wallace have 3 transfers and Elder Hoskyns has until Dec.. he is the same age as Elder Reynolds.. speaking of Elder Reynolds... he is now the Assistant to the President.. and speaking of President, our new one comes in July... crazy huh... 
ELder Hoskyns is great, he is from Scottsdale, Arizona.. and he is a stud and loves working... it's great to be with someone excited and ready to work all the time.. 
Transfers were a little sad, but oh well.. I got to see everyone before I left .. and took pictures with Fatiha, who is doing really all is well.. I saw Elder Spicer at the square.. he seems really cool.. he was sooo excited to be out there.. he fit right in... too bad he went down to France, poor guy... Belgium is just where it is at... His trainer is stinking new... he is so new that I don't even really know him.  I think that it is only his third transfer... and he is training.. I would be freaking out.. 18 weeks out in the field and you get a newbie... ouch!  But I believe he is down in Ville Neuf Dasque or Valanciennes or something.. I don't know.... Elder Spicer was like the only new missionary that didn't look like he was scared to death and had pooped his pants! hahaha new missionaries... they are soo great.. I hope I get to train one day.. that would be fun, or funny... one of the two... 
Work is great here in Brussels.  We have found some amazing people just this last week and are teaching some pretty great people... It is weird changing areas .. it's weird to get used to teaching and contacting with a different missionary.. but all is well.. I will let you know a little more when everything is not so crazy and I have settled in a little more.. thanks everyone for the letters and I love you..
Elder Simonson