Monday, July 21, 2008

Vive le Belique!

(I will share our letter this week)
Friday, 7/18/08
Dear Mom & Dad,
So sorry about the rushed emails. I know a half an hour sounds like a lot but when you have to read a couple of emails plus write one it expires so quick. I hope I answered most of your questions. It's hard to remember what I have written to you about, or what I want to tell you about, etc...The days melt into a blob of one big hazy day. Ummm.....let's see, I can't remember if I answered all your questions so...I CAN email family (really whoever I want) but I only have time to write the one newsletter for my blog. I can't get on any of the blogs, you don't really get on the internet, you just get on Like I told you before in the blog letter, you guys should use while I'm in the MTC. (note: It's free and delivered the same day, so it IS a good idea!) You just get on, click MTC free and enter my name, MTC Mailbox #118, my Mission, and departure date (09/01) and just write and send it like an email. They will print it out and send it like a letter to me. Plus it's Free! All the Elders do it in my zone/district. The get tons of letters plus they come like the same day or the next day, so that's what's nice about it. But you can do whatever you want, but it will save all of you money spent on stamps!
I got your package Mom, it was great and it wasn't lame, and the cookies weren't broken...they were fine. I liked/loved the pictures! You can send me whatever pictures you want.
It sounds like the wedding and funeral went ok. The story you told me was pretty crazy! Are you two ready to say goodbye to Tess and Jake & Addi yet? That will be hard, I'm sure!
I am doing good. Our district is awesome. I know I have said that before, but we have gotten to be better friends so, Ya, I just thought it would be appropriate to say it again. That's awesome Eric Story got home...I forgot about that. I am doing fine and I don't really need anything. If I think of something, I will let you know. I love when you ask questions, etc...because then I'm not just writing the same boring thing every week. Umm...Ya....I hope I covered everything.
Je vous aime! l'amour, Elder Simonson

PS. Thanks for running my blog mom, it's nice because I just write the one big letter about me and then I can write smaller ones to everyone else. Plus lots of people can see how my mission is going. I love both of you. Dad, I love you too...Hope work and building a house is going ok. A guy just coming back from Brazil, Recife Mission as Mission President spoke to us the other week. I thought of you!
Au revoir!


Elder Ray and Sister Donna Hamblin said...

Hi, Elder Jacob: We love to read your letters (so glad your Mom posts them on your blog). We hope your MTC experience is going well -- I'm going to try that or whatever it is. That is if I'm smart enough to figure it out! We love you and think of you often. We had Zone Conf. today and then worked our shift at the Smith Farm. The Pageant is over and we are TIRED, tho' it was fun and rewarding. Last year they got 500 referrals during pageant, this year we got over 6,000!! Imagine that!! Now there is LOTS of calling and missionary work to do to turn them into investigators.
We love you lots and pray everything is going good for you.
God bless you. Grandma & Grandpa

Kristi said...

Mom (Donna)...I hate to burst your bubble...but just a reminder...Jacob NEVER sees this blog!! I'm the one who posts his letters, and copies them over from email, so if you want to write him...go to and type away! Kristi