Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18th

E-mail recieved today:
The MTC... 
Well a few new things going on in the mtc.. First of all I will just say again that Sundays are awesome here in the mtc.. along with all the other days but sunday is just a little extraier special.. Umm one of the things we have to do is write and give talks in French.. The catch is, is they dont tell who will be giving them until during sacrament meeting. So you have to write it not knowing whether you will have to give it.. its exciting.. kinda.. but ya.. we have devotionals on Sundays and then we get to watch church movies later in the night.. Its great. This last sunday Elder Robinson and I decided that we would sing in the choir. So we did and the song that we were sing was come thou fount.. It was awesome.. so we got to sing that during the Devotional on Tuesday night. Um a quick little glimpse on my schedule. Mondays we have class all day, plus a large group metting which is mainly a devotional but with like "motivational" speakers. Tuesdays are kinda weird we have service and gym in the morning and then we got to class for a little bit and then we have a devotional with general authorities and stuff its great.. Wednesdays are TRC or TA or the teaching appointments wher we go teach mpck familes in mock family rooms.. .Wed. and Thur. are a lot of class time... its intense.. Fridays are my p-days.. we have until about lucnh to write letters and do laundry and any other prep stuff. then we are supposed to go to the temple after that. but the temple has been closed and wont open until next week. so that stinks.. Saturdays are just class stuff.. so ya thats my schedule. 

My room,....
So the beds in the mtc are pretty terrible.. And the funny thing is like all of us talk in our sleep.. Elder sorensen actually speaks french in his sleep its pretty funny.. Also we like to lock ourselves out of the room on more than one occasion. 

I know i told you about gym time but i didnt tell you how many times a week I have it.. I have gym 5 times a week and an hour a piece.. I still play four square but i dont get much exercise so i go and run a mile every gym period.. 

So this week in the TRC we had to contact again in french.. this week went a lot better... We had to ask them about their families, tell about ours and then relate it to the church and give a short message...Elder robinson took over and did a lot of the talking but.. his accent his terrible but he remembers and knows the language pretty well.Then we had to give the first lesson again.. we started out with two "brothers" then they stuck like 4 more people in our room we had like 6 people.. but it went really really good.. 

French lessons... 
We have a teacher that is also the teacher of the tahitians.. and the tahitians have to learn french and tahitian soo they learn french quick.. so he has been pushing us to try and keep up with them so we have learned all the first lesson in french... Its going pretty good.. we have learned pretty much all of the tenses.. which is fast... but ya... umm well i only have a few minutes left.. sooo 
Trisha and danny I got your letter and I wrote you one but i dont remember if I sent it or if i forgot to put the zip code and the city... ssoo sorry i really wrote you a letter ... probably the longest one too.. but.. anyhow... Mom i got your package... thank you.. I have gotten letters from clint,mom, dad, tess, trish, and mekelle hardy,.. thats about it.. oh also i got clints package... thanks alot for everything... um also i only have like a half an hour on the email and the time goes quick and its hard to get on a computer.. soo if you want to write me emails you should go to dear elder .com and write me on there... they will print it out andsend it to me... k i have to go.. my time is running out.. bye love you all... 

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Elder Ray and Sister Donna Hamblin said...

Elder, I loved reading your email and knowing things are good with you. However, I wasn't on the letter writing list -- and I did send you a letter!! remember, huh? Anyway, we got the letter from you and we really enjoyed it. We know your time is really structured and full, so we do understand the problems.
Today is the last day of the Pageant so things may slow down for us a bit. We have worked 13 straight days now and we still have 5 more to go before we get a P-day. We hate to see Karyl Lee & RaNae, and Skip & Roberta go home, it's been fun having them.
Love you LOTS & LOTS. Grandma H.