Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Called to Serve

Today Elder Simonson entered the MTC in Provo. We arrived about 12:30 and checked his baggage in. Two big suitcases for two big years. We were greeted by tons of volunteers and then led to the chapel where a member of the MTC Presidency greeted us and welcomed all the new missionaries. The President and his wife both spoke to the Elders (& Sisters) and then we watched "Called to Serve" after which we were to say our quick good-byes and go our seperate ways. We left him there, smiling and excited...he was about the first one out the door! We will give you more updates and post his letters here for you all.

Danny & Trisha, Elder Jacob Simonson, Mom & Dad - MTC Provo - Wed. July 2, 2008.


Elder Ray & Sister Donna Hamblin said...

Nice post, Jake!! Tho' I'm supposing your Mom got it started, huh?
Anyway, we love seeing your handsome face and your excitement about serving the Lord.
Enjoy everything at the MTC and learn that French (the language of love, so they say) really well & quickly.
We love you, Elder.
Your fellow missionaries,
Elder & Sister Hamblin
(Grandpa & Grandma)

Elder Jacob Von Simonson said...

Just for info (grandpa and grandma) we as Elders are not allowed to use the internet or to blog. We can only email our parents once a week, so anything you see on this site will be solely done by mom (me Kristi) and will be transferred over from that weekly email.

Kristi said...

Jacob will not be viewing this until probably after his mission, but for those who care about him and love him, I will try to post his letters and pictures for all to see!