Monday, December 1, 2008

Salut les gars!

Well the week has gone by, transfers are done, and I'm still here in Charleroi... Things are going ok here. Sorry I didn't get to send a bigger email last week, but we had to catch our train, nor did I find the time to write anyone a letter.. last p-day was pretty hectic! 
The weather...Well the weather is not tooo bad here. Last week it snowed about three days in a row. Not too much of it stuck but a little did. It's pretty cold but not too bad. The humidity is what makes it cold. It hasn't rained for a while so that makes it a lot better when it doesn't rain. ..
The work.. The work is sill going good.. there doesn't seem to be quite as many people on the streets now. And porting (tracting) isn't super effective here... so it's been a little harder to find people but it's all good.. We have not seen Cyr in over 2 weeks which is not good. His baptism was this coming Saturday but.. he won't make it, nor is he ready... so that's part of the sadening news... We didn't get to see Charles and Vivian this week either... soooo... but Esther and Dylan are doing great. Dylan came to church alone again because Esther couldn't make it... and we had the Primary Program... which was interesting..anyway...
As for the money situation... I finally got some money out last week on p-day but because I was so pressed for time, I forgot to tell you... I finally got to buy a scarf, gloves, a sweater, another white long sleeved shirt, and ya... I think that was about it. So sorry I have used so much money, but I have like 50 left out of the 100 I took out this time..and as for Grandma, don't send checks here.... the best way is to just put it in my account.  Well I am going to try to write a letter and try to send a little package.. I love you.. sorry my letters are so terrible. It was sooo good to get the letters from Josh and Ty.. and I totally understand what Tylan is going through... with Africans.. I have eaten fufu! 
Ok, gotta go, love ya, 
Elder Simonson

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