Monday, December 22, 2008

Salut famille, joyeux noel

Well well well... it seems as if it is Christmas time..; and from the sounds of your letters, you all think I might have a pretty crappy Christmas, BUT if I just have a good attitude and push through it, I should be ok... HAHA.. oh man, you guys are funny. Things are great here!  I am pretty sure it isn't going to be as lame as everyone thinks.. it's going to be SWEET! 

Well I got Trisha and Dannys letter/gift which is awesome.. Elder Reynolds was reading through that this morning.. also I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Simonson, and from Mom.  The Senior Couple Missionaries that work in the office are delievering Christmas packages today.. so I should get those today. 

Trish and Dan...It was good to hear from you... sorry I annoyed you with my friendship and my letters... and my positivity and wanting to share miracles... and saying so ya... I want to see Danny type in a super Ghetto cyber cafe with Muslims all around you speaking in Arabic really really loud and watching porn.. then we will see if he can pay attention to what he wants to type.. ITS HARD.. back off.. haha.. Anyway, I hope that the Evans have a great Christmas! Thanks for the Office script.. that was sweet..!
Mom and Dad... 
Mom, I'm sorry sorry that I forgot your birthday.. I remebered last night.. not from your letter... I remebered when we were with the member, Patrick... and he got mad at me for forgetting.. so sorry.. I hope you had a good birthday... and I don't ever remember what day is what.. I know that's what everyones excuse is! Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad and Dad good luck on your calling... haha that's awesome.. super random, but oh well.. go where the Lord wants you to go... even if it's playing the piano for little children.... or in my case church security..

Tess and Jake...
Sorry I haven't really written you much... I think you are doing well ... sounds like you like Florida.. and Jake is being a stud;  When are you going to Argentina? Give Addi a kiss for me and have a good Christmas!

Clint and Katie... 
What's up Clint, still queer?.. that's unfortunate.. just kidding, bro, I love you.. Hope your job's going well .. just remember that when you do what the Lord commands he has no choice but to bless you and support you.. Hi katie! and tell Corgin, Hi, Merry Christmas.. 

Jaron and Heather...
Hey guys, it's been super long since I've talked to you... sorry?.. I'm terrible I know.. from what Mom says, it sounds like all the kids are growing up and getting big and smart.. that's sweet.. but crazy.. I hope you have a great Christmas in Utah..

Merry Chistmas to all... 

As for me, you need to call me at 7:45 ok? so 11:45... that works out the best... I will talk to you then... love you all, see ya!     
Elder Von Simonson

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