Monday, November 24, 2008

No Transfer, yeah!

Hey there world... It's Elder Simonson... and in fact I'm coming to you from Lille France... today Elder me and Elder Ferguson had to go do legality for France which was intersesting. Imagine the most complicated papers to fill out... and then having to do it in a different language.. ya it was embarassing... haha.. now we are in a very sweet Muslim shop for internet like always... anyway enough about that... I don't know if you sent a letter and I didn't get it again but.. I didn't get an email from you. but that's ok... 

Well this last week was another just amazing week... We set two more baptismal dates one with Dylan and one with Charles from Nigeria that speaks English.. Isn't that insane?.. It was sooo sweet.. so right now we have 4 baptismal dates, things are just going soooo good here in Charleroi.. but as you may or may not have noticed it has been 6 weeks and transfers are Wednesday.. Elder Reynolds and I were worried that one of us was going to get transffered and not get to see Esther and Dylan get baptized but I got transfer news this morning in Lille and both of us are staying...thank goodness.. 

Esther and Dylan are soooooooo solid and so amazing ... they understand the gospel and read the Book of Mormon.. I don't know they are just a blessing from the Lord... sooo we have a train in like 5 minutes back to Charleroi.  Sorry this is so small, I will write you a letter on the train.. peace love you...  Elder Simonson

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