Monday, December 15, 2008

Sorry, my Bad!

Hey all! So sorry that I have not been getting your letters.. I think that it was my bad. There is not much space on myldsmail... and I just kept deleteing a little by little and I didn't have much room left.. so I guess when you tried to send pictures it was too big... anyway I got all your letters this week and it was good to hear from you...
As for the call... um so we talked with President this Friday because we had interviews which were good.  He said that we are to take 30 minutes for talking, no more no less.. and then we have to report to our District Leaders and them to the Zone Leaders and them to Pres. sooo ya, no more I guess.. but that's ok.. everything is good...We have a plan for Christmas. We are only allowed 2 hours with members and we are going to Patrick's house.  We work with him pretty much everyday and eat with him every Saturday. 
Well this week has been pretty good. We kinda had a rough week. it was just weird.. our baptismal dates are kinda being flaky... Cyr is doing better.. and Esther and Dylan are still doing good.. we taught Esther about callings in the church, but then this Sunday no one showed up for church except this new contact from Cameroon that went met the day before. None of our Bapt. dates showed.. it was kinda sad, but oh well they have their choice, it just makes you question yourself. 
Also this Sunday was probably the best Sunday I have had in Europe... beside the fact that none of our investigators were there nor half of our Ward.. but it was soo good.. The Bishop spoke and chastized the Ward and told them what they need to be doing better... it was awesome!  Our Bishop here in Charleoi is soooo awesome. He is just like Bishop Grover, he is just the French version. He is such a solid Bishop.. and he has been Bishop forever.. I feel bad for Bishops here.. they serve for like 18 years... imagine that?
 Well as for a little miracle... I told you that we had the man from Cameroon at church.. His name is Daniel and on Friday we were doing finding and a bunch of inactives passed by and it wasn't going too good and we were getting kinda discouraged... and we started walking to our next rendez vous after having an ineffiecient 2 hours of finding.. Well we ran into this guy, taught him a lesson on the street and he seemed really interested; so he walked with us to his house and said we could come by on Sat. in the afternoon, so we did.  We had a sweet little lesson and asked him if he mould go to church on Sunday and he said he would.  Then we started talking to his mom who knew us and had been to the strong Ward in Brussels called the Louise Ward, she said she would join our lesson the next time... So ya, Daniel was at church this week. We went to pick him up around 8:20 and on the way to church he told us that he works nights from 11 to 6 in the morning .. So he sacrificed a lot and stayed awake the whole time.. Miracle.. 
well IĆ¹ll talk to you later... 
Love, Elder Simonson

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