Monday, November 3, 2008

Jacob's Letter for Nov. 3rd

Hey... It is good to hear from you! Everything is going soooo good.  
Charleroi is ready to take off! This week on Thursday we had a
special day called the Charleroi Charge! We had the AP's and the
Zone Leaders and all the leaders near Charleroi come and we did
an all day finding work day. I was with Elder Valenza and it was
an amazing day of miracles.. He and I found 6 new investigators
and we taught 12 lessons... it was a long day. We started
contacting at 10:30 and ended at 9 at night.. And we fasted.
I thought it was going to be an intense day but it was amazing.
We found an awesome family! Anyway... We have a baptismal
date, his name is Cyr. he is great, he is from Kongo. Then our
other amazing investigator is named Esther. She is from
Cameroon and she has a 12 year old son. They are sooo good,
and we invited her to be baptized but she was a little uneasy. But
she came to church and her son Dylan loved it and Esther really
liked it too. I love the mission, the other night it hit me...I realized
that I love it... even though I can't really speak that well or
understand everything, I love it. It has already changed my view
on the importance of the church. We have an awesome Ward
here in Charleroi.. but they still have a lot of work to do, I don't
know.. Everything is going so good. We had some of the most
powerful and spiritual lessons that I have ever been in this last
week. Elder Gonzalez from LA is almost done with his mission
and he is just an outstanding missionary.. We worked with him
and we had some powerful lessons.. well.. I don't know much
else to write..
Things Europe has that America needs....
Goefs or waffles They are sooo good..
also Nutella is amazing...
The milk is getting better...
Good cheese..
Amazing chocolate
and frites (fries were invented in Belgium) not France.. and Belgium
frites are so good..

Anyway, just for a little side note, Halloween was pretty much
nothing here... it just started like 10 years ago and no one gets
the concept here... this whole last week we saw kids just randomly
trick or treating.. haha.. they don't get that you trick or treat on the
31st, and when they come to the door they say bonbon ou coup de
batton ( I don't think that is spelled right for all you French speakers,
that's just spelled how it sounds).. anyway it means give me candy
or I will beat you.. haha.. ya well.. I am sorry my letters are so lame..
so much happens here I just never really know what to tell you.. so
bear with me..

Oh ya.. I had my first freezing cold day on Wednesday... it was soo
cold... the kind of cold here is like being at Lava during ther winter
when you are wet.. that's what it feels like but it hasn't been as cold
since then.. Well I should go, I will try to send some pictures soon..
I'm sorry... I love you all and miss all of you.. Elder Simonson

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