Monday, November 10, 2008


Hello! So Charleroi is great; and just in case you were worried...I heard that Obama is the new President.. Freak.. the people here are so crazy about America! They just love to hate it.. but they are so obsessed! The day everyone found out about our new President, we would try to contact people on the road and they would just scream "VIVE OBAMA!"  It was so annoying.. I started lying and saying I was Canadian so I could talk about the gospel and not about stupid Obama..
The work is going good. Cyr and Esther and her son Dylan are doing so good. Cyr has a bapt. date for Dec. 6th.  We had to change it for scheduling purposes.  We had a little bit of a tough week.. it was the week after break so the city was crazy, but no one wanted to talk to us... Ummm I got my hair cut today...Elder Gonzalez cut it for me.. it was pretty much his first time but it came out really well actually.. and also I cut Elder Furgeson's hair.  It was pretty good.. I'm pretty much a master hairstylist!  I got Grandma's letter, thank you Grandma, it was great to hear from a fellow missionary. Today we were going to go to Brugge but it was way too rainy so we went bowling instead.  It was weird, it reminded me too much of home.. and Trish it was good to hear from you as well...Clint, I wrote you a letter today.. so feel special dang it.  Anyway, I don't really know much else to write.. but I have really learned these last couple of weeks how important the Gospel is and how important it is to not just take it for granted and get lazy and comfortable.  Because we should always be progressing.. always doing better.. and if you stop reading, praying, and progessing in the Gospel it is so easy to just slip away.  That is the biggest problem here in Europe.. people don't take the church as seriously as it needs to be taken.. and it kills me because those who continue to stay strong, their lives are so blessed.. and those who don't, have problems and complain about their lives... so just don't take being a member for granted... and don't think you are ok where you are because you can always do better.. SO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES AND DO YOUR CALLING WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT.. because we aren't here just to do ok.. we are here to try to be as perfect as we can... and it's a comandment from Jesus.. to perfect 3 Nephi...ya... alright, I love you all... talk to you next week.. 
Bientot, Elder simonson


Trisha said...

They're getting shorter and shorter.

Kristi said...

Maybe he had a lot to read this week!