Monday, November 3, 2008

Pres. Woodland writes...

(Jacob's letter for the week is down below, here is a letter from Pres.
Woodland that Jake sent along telling about the mission):

At the writing of this e-mail (Sunday Night), I have not as yet received
the final baptism count. We anticipate for this weekend and last
weekend, we will have over 7 baptisms with many more to come in
November and December. The fast that we have just completed has
already started to be answered. The Lord is bringing many people to
us particularly in those teams that are going forth – full of faith not
doubting and thrusting in their sickle.

In the last couple of weeks in many cities, we have seen people taught
years ago, call or run into the missionaries and express their desire to
be baptized. Several have simply walked into Church and said that they
have had a change of heart and want to be baptized. Several teams
have between four and ten baptismal dates. Most of these teams have
accepted the direction from the Apostles to teach investigators 3
times per week for 30 minutes and have members present at all
lessons if possible after the first lesson. As they have done this, they
have found people progress much more rapidly and accept their
commitments more readily. They are becoming converts.

The week ended the October 26th, we had 141 investigators in Sac.
Meeting – the highest for the year. Furthermore, we had 318 member
present lessons or 4.0 per companionship – the highest of the year.
We had 238 progressing investigators – 3.0 per companionship –
the highest of the year. And Finally, 238 new investigators – 3.0 per
companionship – also the highest of the year.

I thank the Lord for these tender mercies. This is the road to true
converts. I thank you for your obedience, faith, and diligence. We are
living a miracle!! It can be realized in every city - every team.

Please prepare carefully for Zone Conference.

With all our love
President Woodland

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