Monday, November 17, 2008

Quoi de neuf?

(What's new?)  Hey there... so I didn't get your message last week, I don't know why but ya... I got one from Trisha and one from Brett. This last week was so amazing.. The Lord blessed us soooo much! This week we SET A BAPTISMAL DATE with Esther. Or more like she set one for herself. She is so prepared. I can't remember all that I told you about her, but she is so sweet, from Cameroon and she has a son named Dylan he is 12. I'm pretty sure that I have told you about her. Anyway... we had asked her to be baptized but she said that she didn't feel ready. But then this week we taught her the Plan of Salvation and had a couple of great lessons and on Friday night she asked us how and when she could get baptized. MIRACLES! We now just have to set one for her son Dylan but that won't be hard. They both love the church and Esther loves the Book of Mormon because everytime she reads it she says it speaks directly to her.. she told us that she was laughing because the reading we gave her was just so personal and just spoke to her and answered all her questions. We are lucky to have the Spirit guide us and help her to be converted. So right now we have Cyr getting baptized on the 6th of Dec. and Esther getting baptized the 3rd of Jan. 
Also this week Cyr was having some financial problems and he said he wasn't going to make it to church... after arguing for a while we really taught him that if he went to church like he knew he should, Heavenly Father would take care of his little problem... so we asked him to show his faith and come to church and everything would work out... we didn't know if he would come, but he did.. and everything worked out just fine.. it was amazing.  Also we found two amazing new investigators named Charles and Vivian. They are from Nigeria and they only speak English.. We have only had 2 rendez vous with them. We taught about the Book of Mormon and all that stuff and we gave him a Book of Mormon and he asked if we could give him a bunch of points in the book so that he could learn something and tell us what he learned for the next rendez vous. It was sooo sweet, he gave himself a committment.. haha it's so crazy how much the Lord directs his work... we do very little other than just being there to invite... French is coming especially good this week as we have been really trying to get more focused and have the Spirit with us.. 

As for other news.. I got Trisha's and Mom's packages..thank you, it was sooo great. I just got it on Sat. Zone Conference which was so amazing. Pres. Woodland is like the most powerful man it's insane... he will be a General Authority.. but I also got a letter from Cindy Stewart, that was so nice of her and ya that's about it.. No I still have not been able to get money out of my debit card... so I don't know why, but I will try again today.... I think I might have to take out like 100 euros at a time I have just been trying to take out 50.. As for the California thing.. We heard about it.. we had a prayer for it because if it would have passed, the Temples in California would have had to close.. that's just what I had heard, but that was from Zone leaders that heard it from Pres. that heard it from the Brethren... That is too  bad that there is back lash... It kinda sounds like the world is falling apart... I have heard there is like a financial crisis going on or something.. I don't know, but what I do know is we know why we are here, so we better make sure we are prepared. Anyway, I love you all.. sorry I haven't sent pictures or anything.. I'm scared to send my card and there aren't a ton of printing machines here. There are a few but I tried a couple of times and it wouldn't work with my card... but... ya Love ya...
Elder Simonson... 

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Elder Gary and Sister Linda Bennett said...

Hi Jake,
I love reading your letters & now Elder Bennett & I are in the mission office I can relate to some of the "technical" things. I take care of the mail for the missionaries so I know how happy you were to receive the packages - AT ZONE CONF. That's the way we do it too. Sounds like you are really busy. That's good! We send our love.
Elder & Sister Bennett (aka: Aunt Linda & Uncle Gary)