Monday, October 27, 2008

Oct. 27th

Hello again... Charleroi is great... This week went really good. We had a bunch of lessons that we taught and we got six new investigators.. We had Cyr, our baptismal date and another miracle guy at church this Sunday. 

The miracle on Saturday we went porting, (tracting) whatever you want to call it...anyway... we had chosen a road the night before.. but when we got to the road it was a little sketchy... and there was not very many houses, so we walked a little way and found a great looking road.  Well the second door we knocked on a 12 year old came to the door and we asked if his parents were there.  He told us they were gone but that his brother was there.  Well his brother came to the door and was like hey.. and really excited to see us.. then he was like, you guys are at Goessili (that is where our church is) and we were like ya.. and he told us that he would come with us on Sunday... so we thought hmmm.. that's kinda weird.. but ok... well on Sunday guess who was there waiting for the bus with us.. ya this guy!  His name is Christian and he is from Burundy.. he is sooo good.. he goes to school in Mons and knows the missionaries.. I guess he had been meeting with them but with transfers and also him moving, he just kinda got lost in the cracks... so crazy, what a miracle!  It was great.. well.. everything is going great.. French is coming along.. I feel good about it sometimes and then another time I get humbled... so ya but it's ok... anyway... 

Ummm answers.. Packages have to be sent to the Mission office.. but you can send letters here in Charleroi... so ya that's that... the pictures were good.. umm.. sorry I haven't really sent you any pictures. I don't take that many pictures.. so I haven't filled up my card yet.. but maybe I will take a bunch and then send my card.. so ya... I can't believe how much different Corgin looks... it's crazy.. Tess looked weird in the picture you sent and Addi had long hair... anyway, ya that's pretty much it... ummm I don't know what else to say...better go love you, bye Elder Simonson

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