Monday, June 29, 2009


Yahoo... so everything went well with the baptism this week... Claire Adjalla is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! She is soo good.. I have pictures.. you will see them sometime soon.... 
The week went all right.  We had transfers and stuff on Wed..I saw Elder Kam off and Elder Wallace moved out of the apartment and so Elder Nielsen and I are FREE, FREE, FREE and all calm and quiet in the apartment... It is really nice to be alone in an apartment... It is the first time on my mission that I have been alone with just my companion... With transfers and making sure everything was in order for Claire's baptism... the week was a little wierd, kinda hectic, but not too stressful...We have been going up to Strombeek Chapel because our building is having some remodeling done... so we still had the baptism in our building with all the construction rubble.. which was interesting.... but Claire didn't mind.. but we had church up there... 
Well I'm kinda not knowing what else to say.... Oh.. Elder Nielsen baptised Claire becuase she said either one of us could baptize her.. and of course niether of us wanted to take the chance away from the other.. so she decided to write down our names and then pull a name from a hat.... and short story was his name.. 
Claire bore her testimony after the baptism.. it was so funny... she got up all nervous and then just told how when she was meeting with us we kept asking her to be baptized and all that and she just kept telling us, "Oh no, I was already baptized." etc... and then after having asked her a bunch of times and continuing to come over and teach her.. she said everyone around her started telling her to be careful and to not get too involved with us because we were a cult... and everyone kept telling her and finally she decided to see truly for herself by coming to church, by reading in the Book of Mormon... and she found out... that we weren't.. hmmmmm that's wierd..? stupid people...but she loved church and saw that we were normal.. and she had told us before that she knew what we were teaching her was true... but... ya... she is an awesome lady.  She has really been overcoming a lot and sacrificing a lot for the Lord and to become a member..... We helped her do her shopping the day of her baptism.. because with her pre-cancer stuff she is really weak and has a lot of chest pains and abdomen pains so she can't really carry too much.. Well, while we were helping her with groceries she told us that she needed to tell us something that happened.. she starts by saying, "So the other morning I was at the gare and really wanted a cup of coffee.." and I was like, "Oh CLAIRE!" and she said, "Wait, wait listen... let me finish.." so she wanted coffee really bad so she went to the vending machine... thought for a second and then decided not to .. then she went back again, thought and decided not to.. then she went back a third time and decided to get some and right as her cup was all full and she took it, she turned around about ready to drink it and saw a big group of missionaries... she hurried and turned around and ran the other way avoiding us and threw her coffee away... She said she was laughing her whole train ride.. she couldn't believe that... it was funny. I told her that God likes to play jokes on us too.. because Claire is so funny!  We went and ate at her house this Saturday... it was good... 
Well I'm thankful for all the news... that's crazy that Terryn is engaged... didn't see that one coming... NOT... haha...BYU-I DO!.. haha, but seriously... I love you all .. even if you don't write me.... haha, I will talk to you all later!!! 
Elder Simonson

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