Monday, July 6, 2009

Gosh! What are you doing in Inkom....

Oh freak!  Sounds like you had a great 4th of July....
that is insane! I'm impressed...(also Elder Nielsen seconds
my title) So I'm not sure if you got my email last week..
I kinda think you didn't... maybe you did... so I just checked
it seems as if you did get it... That's good.. I thought it
cut off before I sent it...
So my 4th of July... Well we got to meet President Brubaker
and his wife on the 4th.. It was kinda like a mini Zone
Conference.. but he just introduced himself talked a little
about the vision that the Lord has given him and then ya
they told us how they met etc.. Sister Brubaker talked as
well and she is an awesome lady.. She wears the pants.. haha
Elder Nielsen and I were joking around saying that she was
the Iron Fist .. haha, but it is going to be awesome they are
great.. there is definately a different feel there with them but
they have a lot of love and you can feel it.. so the first
of the day was spent getting to know the new Pres. and him
getting to know us; then we ate some lunch.. and some
watermelon.. YAY for the 4th! and then after that.. we had a
couple of rendez vous and then we ate at a member's
house and went and taught a crazy African Jehovah's Witness.
It was intense... but we owned her by only bearing testimony
and using her logic and her answers to tell her how she could
know that the Book of Mormon was the word of God also... haha
so that was that...
Yesterday was a really good day at church.. we had a guy
named David from Nigeria there at church.. he is a Pastor
missionary for his church.. and it is a great church.. he is
such a humble man.. he loves Jesus Christ and is ready and
willing to do whatever to get closer to Him... so.. he got
someone to cover for him on Sunday and he came to church..
and he loved it.. he loved that we were all volunteers and
that not one person was payed.. he found that amazing, that
we were all doing for God... also he told us last week that
the first time that we shared with him the Book of Mormon he
was a little hesitant and so after we left he decided to ask
God if it went against the Bible and he got an answer that it
worked with it, alongside it... it was really cool that he just
asked God like that and got an answer.. we just hope he is ready
to leave his church and his job... but we will see.. I think he
will because he feels the Spirit and wants to do what God wants...
Well, sorry that you didn't have a very fun 4th of July!
Memorable for sure... maybe just in the wrong way...
Things are going well with me.. the Lord is humbling me and
teaching me a lot.. luckily I have a companion that is patient
with me... I have definately been going through a learning
proccess here in Brussels...
Claire had the operation and everything went well.. she entered
in the hospital on Thursday and got home yesterday.. we stopped
by to see her and she was really good.. she had taken her Book of
Mormon to the hospital and was reading it and a lady came up and
started talking to her about it and the lady was actually a daughter
of a lady that used to be Mormon.. and then she left the church and
joined another church etc...the girl was telling Claire that the Mormons
were a cult because they had helped her mom and her with money
and clothes and support, but as soon as she left the church they
stopped helping her and stopped talking to her... gosh.. but Claire
is blunt so she told the girl what she knew and thought and that it isn't
a cult and the girl tried to get her to come to her church, so Claire
took the invitation and then threw it in the garbage after she left...
hahaha .. am I sick because I think that is funny...
So a quick funny story that will make you smile.. So we are all aware
of the death of Micheal Jackson... sigh... sad... Right???? Well there
is this pretty cool member that works with us a lot.. his name is Denis
and he was a convert at 20 or something and he went on a Mission
to France and now he is like 30 and is working and ya he is cool and
a stud.. but lately his work and stress has been getting to him and he
has litterally gone a little weird and crazy... ( that isn't the funny part I
swear I'm not that heartless..) Well when Michael Jackson died... we
were at Claire's baptism, and he showed up and was just sad looking
and deprressed and wouldn't really talk to anyone..; and I went and
started talking to him and asked him about his day and he just started
in on how sad it was that Mikey had died... I was thinking, "Oh freak,
you are kidding right?" he said his day was terrible because of that...
well.. this Sunday he gets up.. and bears his testimony and starts
talking about how he lost a close friend and how it has really been
hard for him and that he was really troubled and had gone and
talked to President Woodland about it.. and that Pres. had helped
him and assurred him.. it would be fine... well Elder Nielsen and I had
an arguement whether he was talking about Michael Jackson or not..
well it was confirmed.. last night.. IT WAS ABOUT MIKEY (our black
man wanna be white woman)... so.... ya.. awkward.. haha
love you..
Elder Simonson

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