Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still in Brussels!

YO... well I don't have a super lot of time today because we are doing emails late today and so I gotta go soon but.. I just wanted to write you a quick note and let you know that I am doing well.. This last week was a really great week.. It has been bitter-sweet. It started with the interview with President which I told you about.. then we had our last Zone Conference with President.. It was sooooo good because all the French missionaries were there.. I got to see everyone.. Zone Conference was really powerful and it was very sad as well because Pres. Woodland is such a great man.. seriously, you don't understand... You need to find out when his homecoming is and go and listen and then you will get a little taste of what I had as a Mission President...
Also we had some trainings that we did and I had a crazy experience with Elder Carpenter.. we taught each other for a little practice in listening to the Spirit and adapting teaching to the needs of the person.. well he shared a scripture with me and we had a really long talk and I will say that it probably changed my mission and my life for the better. I was able to understand the work of God a little better.. I bet I sound pretty stupid, but it was seriously something huge for me... haha, laugh it up.
Anyway? Things are good.. Transfer news came in today... and I have never been so excited for a transfer in my mission... I'm staying here in Brussels but the two Elders that were in our apartment are both leaving.  One is going home..Elder Kam from Rexburg.. who's homecoming you should also go to... and the other was Elder Wallace.. so we get the apartment to ourselves... which will be such a stress reliever for me.. we will be way more focused and the work will go a lot better.. and it will be the first time I have ever been only 2 in the apartment.. and Elder Nielsen is probably one of my favorite companions... SO..
Also Claire is doing so good... She is all ready for her baptism and she has passed her interview so she will be baptized this Friday...!!!!! So continue to pray for her and for us.. because opposition is a witch... haha .. but seriously.. We had a baptism in our Ward this last week.. and it was kind of a mess; it was put together last minute by the Sisters... and sooo, long story short.. our chapel has renovating going on and the water for the baptismal font was freezing and we had a hot tiny Relief Society room with no mic, so no one could hear and no one could sit.. etc... but it was still a great baptism and she was baptized!!!  Well I have to go .. I hope you got my letter and Card; also I wanted to make sure that you had the pictures with Dinant and Christmas and the pictures of Esther and Dylan's and Daniel's baptism.  I think you do but not sure.. thanks, love you bye..
Elder Simonson

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