Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Brussels to redeem myself!

Well family, the time has sadly come for me to leave Charleroi. I love Charleroi so much.. It is the greatest city in Belgium.. So many elect people and so many miracles just waiting to happen.. I loved serving with Elder Schmutz he is so great. But now Elder Schmutz is taking over the area and becoming the District Leader.. whooee.. haha... I am going to Bruxelles with Elder Hoskyns. I am going to the other Ward, Louise Ward... It is more in the center of Brussels so it is a new area.. I'm kinda scared to go back up to Brussels.. There is a lot of pressure up there, especially in Louise... that is like the Ward that baptizes the most.. sooooo I will have to pick it up. 
Everything was good this week.. We had some great things happen... Fatiha is doing amazing and she is ready for baptism but she just needs to have completely stopped smoking.. she only smokes like 1 cigarette a day.. She came to church like normal and loved it.. Also on Tuesday, President came down to Charleroi to interview her just to make sure she wasn't in any kind of danger.. It went great.. she is good to go.. And we taught her about the Godhead with President, because she didn't quite understand the Holy Ghost.. This Sunday Fatiha came and sat by me and said.. I just found out that I can choose who I want to baptize me.. and I was like, oh ya and who are you going to choose?  And she said, I have already made my choice.. you don't know who? And I said, no...who? and she's like, you of course... Haha I told her that was very nice but that transfers were coming soon and I didn't know If I would be there... she kinda looked at me like "what?" and I told her sorry.. and then she was like, oh well if you aren't then Elder Schmutz can do it... SOOO unfortunatly I won't be there for her baptism but.. just as long as she gets baptized... Also the 9 year old Corentin Paduwat that we have been teaching.. a son of a member that wasn't baptized when he was 8.. he is doing good we set a baptismal date for the 25th of April but I won't be there.. oh well... ummm what else?... 
Also this week we started teaching a Romanian couple named Petru and Claudia.. They are very, very humble and kinda poor but they have been searching for the good religion but didn't know where to find it... They aren't really super great at French... but they are ok... we got them some Romanian stuff and they have been eating it up.  They love it and understand that we need a prophet.. so they said they would pray to know whether all of this that we were telling them was true and when they got their answer they would be batized.. they are amazing... Sooo ya.. too bad I have to leave, but that is ok.. I can't stay in Chaleroi my whole mission... 
I love you very much... I didn't get an email from you so I don't have too much to talk about.. But I did get my birthday package. Thank you so much!  It made me very happy and yesterday we ate potatoes and gravy... ummm, ya it was just sweet and ya I got that little package.. I thought I told you, but I guess not... but I'm gonna go, I don't know the address but you can just write to the Office if you want to..
love Elder Schmutz  
 (Not sure why it was signed like this??)

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