Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey hey everyone... sooo this week was pretty crazy with a lot of things to do... my birthday (I'm twenty now, that's crazy!)  So for my birthday we went to do service in the morning but the guy we were going to help wasn't there... He flaked out on us coming to help him... For my birthday we ate some Mexican food.. which is rare.. We had burritos and it was sooo good.. I miss that a lot. . There wasn't too much special that went on... soo ya. But Zone Conference was good.. We had President Oaks the Region President over the Europe West Area.. It was really good... He was a powerful man.. He loves miracles so we spênt like over an hour just telling miracles.. It was great.. I got to see Elder Reynolds and that was good.. One miracle that was pretty crazy that President shared was.. There was a lady that hardly went out of her house much and one day she happened to be about 15 kilometers from her house and she was riding her bike and she was on a back street and she saw two men in suits and she heard a voice say those two mens are going to talk to you listen to them... so she did and she was baptized like 4 weeks later along with her husband and two kids .. also he told one about a family in the Netherlands... that were having problems etc.. he was depressed and didn't know what life was for, etc... and anyway he had been searching for truth... well one night he had a dream and he saw an "angel" that told him that 2 men would come in 2 days and that they needed to listen to them... So the missionaries were porting.. kinda late one night and they knocked on a door a lady came to the door and was kinda scared.  They explained who they were and then she told them to come in... Well, they then found out that her husband had had that dream two nights earlier.. that it had been two days... so the family listened and were baptized a couple weeks later.
It is so crazy there were so many amazing miracles, all of people that are being prepared for the gospel... now it is just up to us to listen to the Spirit so that we don't miss opportunities like that guy having a dream and expecting two people to come in two days.. anyway it was really good.
As for Elder Schmutz and I.. We are doing great! I love him, he is such a good Elder.. he has changed so much.. he has started to push me now.. and we are starting to just work twice as hard...Fatiha is doing amazing she reads a ton and understands all the commandments and the Restored Gospel really, and ya, we just kinda say... well we want to talk about keeping the Sabbath Day holy today... and then she teaches us and we add a couple things and bear our testimonies and commit her to live it and then our rendez vous is done.  She puts her notes away and ask what she needs to read.. she is so amazing... She comes to church and already has a bunch of friends...and she loves church... 
President Woodland was at church and got to meet her.. it was neat.. We just have to help her quit smoking completely and she is ready for baptism.. what a blessing she is.. Well, sorry my letter is kinda junky... I don't know too much to write.. thanks for all the cards!  I got Tess and Jake's card and Clint and Katie's!  I laughed really hard at Clint's card.. it was GOOD... As for my package, etc... I didn't get it because Pres. Oaks was there so we didn't get needs.. and all that.. so I will get it around the 1st of April or somewhere around there... I love all of you and will talk to you later. Congrats to Tyler and Luke!  I am so excited for them.. they don't know what they are getting themselves into! hahahaha
Elder Simonson

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