Monday, March 9, 2009


Hello all... so this week was pretty stinking crazy.. We didn't have time for a lot of normal missionary work but we still had a great week packed with miracles like always... Monday was a pretty normal day, but Tuesday I had to go down to Namur to meet with the Zone Leaders for District Leader Council.. and Elder Palomaki and I had an exchange in Charleroi.. Elder Schmutz went to Liege to work with our French brother Elder Villain .. Our exchange was soooo great.. Elder Palomaki is an insanely good missionary.. I learned lots.. also we saw Fatiha that day.. and she had still been reading and had lots of questions and anyways to make a long story short she now has a baptismal date for the 18th of April.. She is so elect she wanted to understand how to use the atonement of Jesus Christ and be clensed from her sins.. so we taught her from the Bible and the Book of Mormon and she completely understood...and wants to be baptized... on Wednesday, Elder Schmutz and I spent the morning on trains back from Liege.. and then we had a service project all morning at this member's house.. I guess you can call it that.. it was terrible!  But, Thursday like always was spent planning for the week and going to Ward meetings.. so we didn't have too much time to find teach and baptize haha... Friday we had to go do legality in Lille, France and that ate up the majority of the day .. but then on Saturday Elder Davis and I had an exchange and I went and worked in the Charleroi 1 area.. It was so intense we found sooo many solid sweet people.. and taught a ton of people... Sunday was a sweet day like back to Fatiha.. on Saturday at like 1 o'clock in the morning we get a text from her saying that we scare her and that she only has confidence in God, etc... she was like wondering what we really want from her or something like that.. it was really weird and we were kinda worried and didn't know if she would come to church.. Well, SHE CAME.. and she asked if we got her text and we told ya but we didn't understand really what she wanted to say.. so she pulls out a letter for us.. anyway I read the letter and talked to her after church.. She is and was scared of us because she feels like we have been reading her thoughts and seeing and knowing what is in her heart.. The spirit has been working on her super hard and she isn't used to it and it kinda scared her.. We talked to her and told her that it was the Holy Ghost and God that knows her and what's in her heart and that we are just trying to follow the Spirit and what God wants us to teach her and tell her.. I guess last time we talked to her.. we had decided that we wanted her to read Alma chapters 40, 41, and 42 and when she read it, it spoke to her directly and answered her questions that she had been asking herself for a long time... in her letter she said that she knows that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true and that she really wants to be baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost.. she is so insanely elect it is just freaking ridiculous.. last week in church in amis class we talked about the Word of Wisdom and she stopped coffee, tea, and is starting to stop smoking.. freaking crazy... Charleroi is such a blessed city.. how greatful I am to be here.. We will see Fatiha tomorrow.. so I'm excited... I got Grandma and Grandpa's package.. thanks so much! I loved the Book of Mormon, that is soooo sweet.. but I gotta go for now.. I love you very much.. sounds like things are going well back home.. Keep prayin' hard.. I need all the stinkin' help I can get.. chao chao
Elder Simonson

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