Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm almost 20!

Well well... how is everyone doing? Things are going pretty well here. Thanks for the emails Trish, Mom and Dad... It was good to see pictures of Nick and Michael Chow.. This week was pretty crazy again.. This whole transfer has been super weird and unnormal.. or at least that's how I feel. 
Today we are all in Namur, probably one of the most beautiful cities ever... it is soo sweet. It has a huge citdel so we went exploring in it. It's so pretty, I am sure there are photos on the internet.. check it out.. I have photos, but Ya... It was pretty fun... we walked through all these caves/tunnels.. etc; but ummmmm
So the week... on Tuesday we had a pretty good day and we just saw our amis and taught them with Patrick.. Then on Wednesday, we had a workday with the Assistants... Im not§ sure why President wanted them to work with us, but he did.. probably to make sure we aren't terrible missionaries... haha.. but anyway that was pretty good.. Elder Schmutz went to Brussels and worked with Elder Carey the Dutch Assistant.. and Elder Bailey, the French Assistant went with me down to Namur to work.. We had a charge in Namur.. so like we had all the Leaders in the Zone come to Namur, so I think we had 6 companionships just finding all day in Namur.. it was pretty good.. It was interesting working with Elder Bailey the Assistant... He is obviously a great missionary.. just a little special.. but we found some elect people... a big Congolais famille and a younger student from Ruwanda.. It was a great day.. 
As for the week we were pretty busy.. Fatiha is doing pretty good. Because she has a daughter that is like pro-Muslim, she wasn't able to come to church this week.. her and her daughter were having some problems or something.. but we taught her this last Friday with Esther at the library.. It was so great... Esther is a stud(ette)? haha She is s solid convert and she understands the Gospel well.. Also.. other sweet news we just began teaching Daniel's bother.. he is really great... he just isn't super reliable with rendez vous etc....
On Friday we had an exchange with some Elders in Liege, one is from Kaysville (Elder Spackman) and the other from Austria (Elder Schaunig) Oh man, it was such an amazing day.. I worked with Elder Schaunig here in Charleroi and we worked with both Esther and Daniel.. it was great teaching with people I taught.. Elder Schaunig is an amazing Elder... he is one transfer younger than me but he is way better.. man... We found a sweet Congolais family that is Pentacostal, but they felt the Spirit and are going to read in the Book of Mormon.. 
The week was kinda stressful a little but it was still really good.. I got to drink AMERICAN MILK this week and eat AMERICAN CEREAL... it was sweet.. so good... We got some supply from the American Army Base in Mons.. Anyway.. I love you all!  Thanks for the letters etc.. I hope I get my package, but we are having a Seventy come for Zone Conference and I have heard that we aren't getting any packages etc... SO we will see.. 
Elder Simonson

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