Monday, February 2, 2009

Daniel's Baptism

Well things went so well with Daniel's baptism. It was sooo spiritual. Daniel's parents came and we had a great turn out with members. Esther spoke at his baptism on baptism and it was so solid. She has a way strong testimony of the restored gospel, it was sweet.
Also another member spoke on the Holy Ghost, but he spoke more about how much this gospel and the decision to be baptized blesses and changes lives. He talked about when his dad (the patriarch) decided to be baptized around 23 (the age of Daniel) and how he did not realize what a huge thing he was doing. And how becuse of that decision, he was married in the temple and had kids who were married in the temple and had kids etc. etc. .. It was cool. Also I don't think I told you but I was able to baptize Daniel. He chose me because it was me and Elder Reynolds who found him and he wanted someone from the Ward to confirm him. So that was sweet... I was content. President was able to attend the baptism. He said he felt like he needed to come down, so that was pretty cool and he bore his testimony and congratulated Daniel.
This Sunday we had a member of the Quorum of the Seventy present in our Sacrament Mtg... Elder Kopischke (from Germany) none of us are really sure why, but it was sweet because Daniel got the Holy Ghost and we had an awesome testimony meeting.
Daniel got up and was the last to bear his testimony before Elder K. It was so great. His testimony was better than the other members who told stories.. haha, But he got up and told why he decided to be baptized and how he met us.. He said that when he met us he wasn't really interested but his heart or his soul or something inside of him told him to listen because we had something important to tell he listened and then we asked him if we could talk to him another time.. so he said yes and then we invited him to church and he said yes and came because of curiosity, but then he loved it and felt really good.. but he said he figured he just showed up on a really good weekend.. SO he told himself he would try again next week and see what it was like and everytime he came it was just as good as the first.. and he said everytime we came over he felt good and felt like everything we told him was truth.. so that's why he decided to be baptized.. Then he said that he felt happier than he has ever felt in his life.. And at the pulpit he told the members that he was going to try his hardest to contribute to the Ward, that he was going to do his part and that he would be there every Sunday and that he wouldn't let down the Ward if they didn't let him down... it was so sweet... He is so elect.. He is getting the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday and will be blessing the sacrament... It was great and all the members love him... Elder K. was smiling the whole time, as was I.. We sang the closing song stading up and I just started thinking... ya know, what if I didn't come on a mission, Daniel maybe wouldn't have had the chance to hear the gospel and be able to know the things that he needs to live with Heavenly Father after this life; It was pretty special... you could say I cried a little.. I definately know why I came to Charleroi.. and am thankful for the blessings I have seen...
Anyway, sounds like everything is going great back home... I love you all.. I will talk to you later!
Elder SImonson

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