Monday, February 23, 2009

A trip to Lille

Well, well... the week flew by and it was pretty good.. Elder Schmutz is as red headed as ever and we are working hard!  Things are going good. We were able to start teaching some more people this week. The Romanians are pretty cool, we taught them with Patrick this week.  Also the Sisters gave us some of their investigators that lived in our area and we started teaching them and they are sweet... they are both really elect.. their names are Anastasie and Valery, they are a couple and have two boys... she is from Cote Divoir and I think he is Belge.. they are so sweet and we are going to set a baptismal date with them soon.. 
As for this Sunday, we got to go down to Lille, France to listen to Elder Dallin H. Oaks.  He was at the Stake Conference and all of the missionaries in Belgium and France got to go... That was pretty was so powerful.. and he gave us direction straight from Pres. Monson that we should be teaching at least 20 lessons a week... so pretty much a Commandment.. haha 
Sounds like you all had fun riding snowmobiles... you punks... that's ok.. as for the shoes, I guess you could say that they were cute.. they were brown and pink but they just so happend to be the size that one of the Sisters wore so I gave them to her.. along with the panties... just kidding.. I only gave her the shoes.. 
As for the pictures and news from home...Man, President Dye looks old... haha as for Josh getting married, that is weird.. but his girlfriend is cute... I can't think of much else to say.. but I do have a couple of little requests... if you were wanting to send me a package for the 18th which happens to be my Birthday.. we have Zone Conference on the 20th so if you get it in the mail and get it here before then I will get it quickly, but I just wanted/ needed some things.. I would like some more non-scented shaving cream.. I had some of that Aveeno stuff for dry skin.. but other Elders (named Elder Davis) likes to use it so now it is gone.. also a couple of deodorants .. they like don't sell real deodorant here.. so just antipersperant/deodorant.. Old Spice.. Cool Blast or something.. I don't know.. also I would dig some more hair putty stuff.. I had Garnier, little green container with the green lid (not the yellow lid).. also I would like a bunch of Kool-aid packets and gravy packets.. There is something else but I am blanking.. so if I think of it, I will write you a letter and tell you... Love you so much, thanks for all that you do.. and for prayers and stuff.. take care and talk to you next Monday.. Choa 
Oh P.S. got word of who our new President is.. President Scott Brubaker 
Elder Simonson

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