Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love Romanians!

Well, well, well...some people other than Mom finally decided to write me... Thanks for the emails, Danny, Trisha, and Dad.. It was good to hear from you. Sounds like Dan is the same.. and Trish too... but Dad sounds like he has got some new piano skills.. SWEET.. 
Well things here in Charleroi are going well.. Elder Schmutz and I have been having trouble finding new investigators.. well I guess technically we find new people and have miracles, but then the miracle people leave for a week or are really sick and can't see us or just make other excuses to not have to meet with us..So this week was pretty much finding (tracting) all day everyday.
As for Daniel, he recieved the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday and blessed the Sacrament... He is a stud.. He will be teaching this elect lady with us tomorrow.. 
Oh, before I forget, I got the pictures and my card Mom, thank you very much. I loved the pictures.. All the little kids have grown, especially Addi and Lilly. Craziness.. 
So yesterday I had an exchange with Elder Hoskyns my Zone Leader... It was awesome and full of the craziest miracles... So after church we had decided to go do some porting on this road before going to see a guy.. and the road that Elder Hoskyns was feeling just happened to be a road where we met this Romanian lady just a few days earlier.. So we decide to stop by.. and we ring the door bell.. and this girl comes out and is like, "ohhh no, we aren't interested" and we start talking to her for a second and then all of a sudden the girl that Elder Schmutz and I had contacted earlier named Lydia came out of the door just smiling.. and she was so excited.. so they told us to come in. We went in and started teaching her and her sister in law... it was going sooo good and we had just started talking about Joseph Smith when Lydia's husband comes bursting in the room... and is like, "who are you and what are you here to talk to me about?"... so we start explaining who we are and he starts trying to find all these faults in the Church and starts realizing that our church is pretty good.. so we are teaching him and his wife and sister in law and like three kids and the husband is just asking the perfect questions and we get done explaining the Apostasy and start explaining Joseph Smith and literally 8 HUGE mofia looking Romanians just start filing in and kids everywhere.. and we just looked at each other like "oh freak..." but then they all just start listening to us.. and the Spirit's pretty strong.. and everyone is just gathered around listening... then this really scary looking guy starts speaking Romanian and then everyone starts speaking and we are like "now, now
, no speaking about me in your native tongue..." haha  No, we are just like "what is going on?"... then in broken French the ring leader looking guy is like "a besoin de la parole de dieu.." (We need the word of God..) then Lydia's husband is like "he wants you to go and give a prayer for our sick uncle in the hospital..." so we get in this huge caravan of 3 cars full of Romanians and go to the hospital where we find, no joking, 40 Romanians in the hall way and they are all just soo excited to see us... we were going to give him a blessing, but then he had to go back to his room.. so we will give it to him later..; but we are seeing this family this Friday, and everyone is just so excited to talk to us.. it was sweeeet..... Well I've got to go, but I love you all and will talk to you later..
Elder Von Simonson

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