Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Arrival in Brussels

Dear Simonson Family,

Greetings from Brussels!

You'll be happy to hear that Elder Simonson arrived here safely yesterday morning and despite the jet-lag, he is on fire! We can see that he is very prepared already, and will be a great blessing to the mission. You can see in his eyes that he knows why he is here and that he has a solid testimony. As he will surely tell you in his first email next Monday, he is serving in a very special place. There could not be a more exciting place or a more exciting time to be serving a mission right now. We are now experiencing something as a mission called The 2nd Harvest. In the early history of the church there was a great harvest in Europe and the prophet declared that the time has come again. We are beginning to see these prophesies being fulfilled in a way that is very real.

This mission is exactly obedient, we know that the Lord is with us, and that these countries are filled with many of Heavenly Father's children who are prepared to make covenants with him and enter the waters of baptism. In such a historic time, a lot is expected from each missionary. We have been praying over the last months that the Lord would send some of his choicest missionaries to this mission, and it's clear to see that Elder Simonson is one of them. He has many spiritual gifts, and we thank you for all that you have done and do to support him.

The first transfer of a mission is so crucial, and we really seek the will of the Lord to know where each new missionary needs to serve and who their first companion will be. He will get off to a great start.

His first assignment will be in the blessed city of Brussels. His mailing address is:

194/3.1 Avenue De Broqueville

1200 Brussels


His companion will be Elder Musters.

These next two years will be incredible. Thanks for prayers and faith. Thank you for Elder Simonson!


Elder Craig and Elder Palomäki

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