Monday, September 8, 2008


Alors..... My new city is Bruxelles and it is sooooo awesome.. Ya, so the plane ride was super long and it was a red eye flight and we will just say that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep.. but never the less I arrived in Bruxelles at about 8 or so and we got through border control and all of that fun stuff and then we met President Woodland. Pres. Woodland then proceeded to quickly get us moving. We got our stuff, split up in different cars and got out of the airport.. I was extremely scared thinking that I would have to go contact, I didn't know where we were going.. but it ended up that we just went to the Mission Office. There we went through orientation and all that fun stuff and had interviews with the President. We were there for probably about 2 hours.. so ya that was intense because I was super tired. But the mission office is soo sweet. It is a nice building and the office is on the top floor and it overlooks the whole city of Bruxelles... you just have to see the view to understand. Anyway, after we were done we went to President's house and ate some lunch and met Sister Woodland and then they told us we could take a nap until about 4:30. Well we slept til 4:30 and man was that nice. Then when we awoke...I knew it was the moment I had been dreading. And ya, we went to the place where one of the 12 dedicated Belgium to Missionary work and that WAS SO SWEET, it was so pretty. Then it was time... we went to the Big Grande place and ya...we contacted... I was freaking out and I couldn't understand a thing. But luckily my group had an AP that spoke really good French.. and we talked to a guy from Kongo most of the time.. Then after that we went to a restaraunt and Pres. bought us dinner...then we went back to the house to find out where we would be serving. And like you already know I am serving in BRUXELLES.. it is sooooo sweet, I love it and it is not America...But ya my Trainer's name is Elder Mustars.  He is from Toronto and he is pretty awesome... He doesn't make me speak French which is good but also bad. 

Our apartment..*
So our apartment in Bruxelles is pretty much the biggest and nicest apartment in the whole mission. It is huge and I have a balcony in my room and ya it's just some of the people we teach are Paulo Inos and Javias and a bunch of
others.. Right now I am actually in Lille, France.  I had to come get legal.. so ya, I don't have much time, so I will have to go. Ask me questions and then I can answer them for you. There is soooooo many things to tell you that ya.... I just don't have time but I love you and I am doing fine, talk to you later, and sorry for the bad spelling, I am typing on a French keyboard and it is quite difficult.  Au revoir 
Elder Simonson

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