Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello, Hello

Hello hello,
Well thanks for the letter.  No that was not sarcastic.  Don't worry.  Everything is going great.  We had a good week with a lot of sun and some rain.  It is going really good with Elder Berrett.  We get along great.  He is sarcastic like me so.... obviously. 
On Monday we had p-day and did a lot of errands for Elder Berrett and some shopping.  Let us just say I found the sweetest, classiest European suit for 60 euros so... ya you know how that ended.  Tuesday, We had District Meeting and went and did hours of finding and then headed to Liege for a meeting with the Zone Leaders and to do an exchange with them. 
Wednesday was our busy day.  We saw our three investigators.
Benjamin is doing good but is progressing slower than we had planned which doesn't matter at all because he has the desire and is progressing , so we are not rushing it and we will be fixing a new date this week.  We taught the Word of Wisdom this week and are going to begin working with him to help him stop smoking.  Other than that he is doing well. 
Timothy is doing soooooooooo amazing.  I love this kid.  We saw him on Wednesday as well and we taught him about the Sabbath Day.. because last week he didn't come to church.  We found out why.  I had to laugh afterwards because I was all worried that they were just being lazy and not coming to church but we asked why and the mom, Maggie said.. "Well, I drank some special herbal tea on Saturday that my friend gave me and I didn't know it was a laxative tea."  She said, " in the morning I couldn't even leave the bathroom, let alone the house."  HAHA.. so they are doing great. 
The Sisters had another baptism this week in the Ward.  It was a lady that was an eternal investigator.. she could never get baptized because she smoked a butt load, something like 60 cigs a day.  But finally she decided to get baptized and did her best to stop smoking.  She went down to 4 a day the week before her baptism and then she stopped.. I hope it is for good, but oh well.  She made the covenant with God.  Anyway, Timothy came to her baptism to see what it was like.  He loved it obviously and it really helped him see what it would be like.  He was asking a ton of questions.  Then he went on Ward trip with the whole Ward on Saturday... which was awesome and then he was there for church yesterday.  Also on Friday at the baptism the Bishop started talking to him and then invited him and us to come eat dinner at their house.  I love the Bishop.  So that was amazing.  He will be ready for the 19th. 
Other than that, Elder Berrett and I did a ton of finding and porting this week.  it has been good practice for him and me.  We have started keeping track of how many people we talk to in a day so that we can be more motivated to talk to more people.  So far this last week we were averaging about 30-35 people a day.  Maybe doesn't sound like much.. but we really do try hard. 
So that was pretty much my week. It was good but we just need to find so more amis. 
That is really cool about JR and his family.  we need to get them baptized... just have them over when I get back and I will share about my mission and pretty much just tell them they need to get baptized.. HAHA :)
So I am talking on the 18th... that is cool.  Good thing I still have a month, right?  I got a letter from Seth Reynolds and he was telling me how powerful and amazing Elder Demass' homecoming talk was and he was telling me that I had better do good too... so no pressure, right?  Anyway all is going great.. Thanks for the encouragement that you give me.. love you all
+Elder Von Simonson+

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