Monday, June 14, 2010

Time is passing quickly...

Hola Familia.
Well I am still kicking, and things are going well.  This week was a little long and testing, but it was still a great week.  Timothy is doing amazing and he is all set and good to be baptized this Saturday on the 19th.  That is what the blessing is.  We couldn't ask for a better, more prepared person than him.  After all, that is why we are here right?  To help people to baptism and continued faith in Jesus Christ.  So we are very grateful for that and are very excited for him.  Other than Timothy and Benjamin however, we have no other investigators.  We do hours and hours of finding, knocking doors... we talk to a ton of people that aren't really interested and it gets tiring doing that day after days, but we understand that that is how it goes so we are trying to not get discouraged. 
Timothy will be baptized by a youth in our yard named Jeremie Pitters.  Jeremie is 20, African, and he wants to go a on a mission, so this has been a good opportunity for Jeremie to come teaching with us and to be able to baptize someone.  Timothy is as smart as ever.  We taught him the rest of the commandments before baptism and he understood and already lives them so it was good.  It was really funny...we asked him if he had any questions and he said,  "Uh... ya.  I have been reading in Alma where it talks about the church of the Gentiles and the things that they were doing in their church which was against the will of God," and he said,  "Were they talking about the Catholic church?  Because what they were explaining was the Catholic church exactly."  HAHA it was funny.  We told him that they were talking about any church that wasn't the church of God, but yes, that it was much like the catholic church.  He is a smart little bugger...
As for Benjamin, he is doing alright.  Progressing a little slower than we thought, but he is still really full of the desire to change and be baptized.  He called us on Monday to ask us to come over because he needed to talk to us.  He told us about some of the problems that he has had in his life and that he was sure that he had an illegitimate child somewhere out there and that he felt the responsibility of that child on his shoulders.  So he said that he wanted to take care of it before he got baptized, because he wants to be clean and ready before he is baptized.  He is a humble, sincere guy.  
Other than that we have had rain and sun off and on.. That is Belgium... and a lot of porting and finding.  We will continue, and I just need to have the hope and belief that there are people that are interested and do want to hear our message. 
SO.. that is that.  I don't really have too much else to tell you.  I keep not having too much to say these last few weeks... I am doing well and am excited to see the family.  It will be fun to see how much you have all changed and grown.  As for Jacob Barrows.. I met him the day he left the mission, which was the first day in the mission field with Elder Musters.. and then I saw him later at a Stake Conference.  Thanks for all that you do.. I have talked to a few people and a few recent converts to try and fix some appointments for when you come to visit and I will take care of that my last couple of days before you come... I am not too worried about that right now. 
Love you
=Elder Jacob Von Simonson  

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