Monday, June 21, 2010


What does that spell?..... Trunky!  Mom is trunky.  I knew this day would come!  But I guess I can let her be trunky because it is only two weeks away.  That is understandable.  But I will tell you what... this whole going home in two weeks thing hasn't really become real to me.  I feel the same and missionary work is still the same.  I'm not lost in a pool of trunky thoughts, at least not a whole lot.  So I guess that is good because then I am staying focused, right?  
This week was really good.  Elder Berrett is progressing a whole lot and his French is getting really pretty good.  When he wants to say something he can get it out.  He thinks that he isn't saying it right, but every time it is.  He is a good example to me.  He tries soooo hard and isn't afraid to fail.  Yes, I got my camera card a long time ago, sorry... every week I forget to tell you that I got it. 
This summer has been a really rainy one.. I think it rained almost everyday... but then again it is Belgium.  It is always sprinkling a little.  But at least it has been warm.  Not hot, not cold, just warm.  
Monday we had pday.  We went around in shops looking at stuff.  Elder Berrett still has stars in his eyes so everything is soooo cool and different, so obviously he wants to buy everything. It is funny... I find it humorous.  Tuesday we had an exchange with Elder Winkler and Hall.  I worked with Elder Winkler (the Swiss) It was an awesome day.  We taught Timothy and some recent converts.  Timothy was ready to go.  Wednesday he had his baptismal interview and passed.  We went and saw him on Friday to see if he had any questions or concerns and he didn't.  So we talked about enduring to the end and steps after baptism.  

Saturday was his Baptism.  It was a really good baptism.  I was kinda worried because I didn't think that anyone would be there.  But there were a ton of people there.  It was short, powerful, and just really good.  His Mom was so very happy for him and she is doing well and coming back strong in the church.  She had an interview with the Bishop and is back on track.  

Yesterday we had the confirmation of Timothy.  It was the Young Men's President that gave him the Holy Ghost.  It was powerful.  From the blessing that he received, it sounded like God had been waiting for Timothy to be baptized and that now that he was baptized, it was like... "Allright, now he is a member, now we can use him."  I got the feeling that the Lord has lots of things in store for this young boy.  
Friday however, was kind of a weird day.  We had Zone Conference in Bruxelles.  It was so weird.  I had kind of anticipated that it would be this huge spiritual experience where all the miracles and feelings of joy would just overcome me.. but it wasn't really that way.  It was just kinda normal.  I was happy and I felt content with my mission but it wasn't what I was expecting.  But that is ok... that isn't what was to happen.  I don't like when I think something is going to be a certain way, because then I am let down when it isn't.  It was a great Zone Conference though, exactly what I needed.  I learned an important principle that will help me through my whole life.  
So that was my week.  Benjamin is doing ok.  He is really pushed up to a wall.  He has the sincere desire to be baptized but Satan is putting a ton of opposition in his way and he just needs to show by his acts that he has the desire to be baptized.  He has to choose.  He lets things get in his way too easily.  We are praying and hoping that he will begin to put more faith in the Lord and let worldly things go.  Opposition is good because that makes him stronger... so that is the good side.  Other than that we are teaching a few new people but they are just new.  
Next week should be good and I still have time to find a sweet new person like Timothy or the Family Johnson.!!!!! Right?  Am I right?!  
Anyway.  That is that.  now a little bofiness.  YESSSS! I am in the Architecture program.. and everything is in place for me... Luckily the Lord gave me a sweet sister and mother.  That is a huge blessing for me.  I didn't have to do anything or think about anything and you guys just took care of everything.. I am so spoiled.  Thank you.  I love you sooooo much... (however... 19 freaking credits... are you trying to kill me?  haha... dang and those aren't easy classes either.)  Oh well, I will jump the fence when I get to it... right?  
Have a good week and get ready to poop yourself when you see how cool I have become....haha... See you Soon. 
Love Elder Jacob Von Simonson

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