Monday, May 31, 2010


Salut.!!! The week has been a great one.  It has been good to work hard and have a missionary that wants to work their butt off and talk to everyone.(Not that Elder Receveur didn't.. he did. it is just good to have another companion like that) Well mission accomplished!  I successfully picked my newb up in Paris on Wednesday.  It was fun.  Elder Winkler and I both are training so we went down together and we took Elder Crump and Elder Receveur down to France.  Both of them were going to France.
I was really scared to get my new companion, like I said before I was afraid that I would get a goon and someone hard and weird for my last transfer.  But once again the Lord spoiled me rotten.  I got the sweetest companion ever.  He is great.  Hard worker, has the desire to be on a mission and isn't scared to try and speak French and learn and make mistakes.  He is great.  My baby boy's name is Elder Seth Berrett from Highland Utah.  He is cool.  He is about two inches shorter that I am.  He is a total granola.  He lived, ate, and drank rock climbing before his mission.  He wore little short cut off shorts, no shirt, and nice tree hugger sandals, Choccos.  He isn't a tree hugger he just likes the outdoors.  He is definitely my kind of person.  He listens to chill music like Radiohead and his personality is like mine.  So once again I get a sweet companion.

This week was so amazing.  Yes go ahead and laugh at me for saying it was amazing but it was.  We have been teaching Benjamin and Timothee.  The best news is that Elder Berrett's second real day in the field we went to teach Timothee and we talked to him about the Gospel and what he needed to do to return to live with God.  We explained the importance of baptism and we had planned to ask him to be baptized on the 19 of June with Benjamin.  We had planned for Elder Berrett to ask him and we had gone over how to say it and all that.  So we just got finished explaining baptism.. Timothee understood completely and the moment was coming and I was hoping that Elder Berrett was understanding so that he could invite him... And at the perfect time Elder Berrett pipes up and says.. "Would you like to be baptized on the 19th of June?" and Timothee responds by saying... "Ya, why not."  So we were very excited about that.  So now pretty much we are teaching two people, Benjamin and Timothee and both of the them have the desire to be baptized and are working toward a date.  We don't have many other people that we are teaching. just a couple but they aren't too serious.  That is alright by me I prefer not wasting my time teaching people who won't progress I would rather use the time to be finding prepared people to teach.

Well.. I can't believe I'm on my last transfer.  Luckily I have a new companion who has a lot of fire because that gives me a lot of fire.   I love Elder Berrett, he can barely speak french and cant understand hardly at all but he doesn't care he just starts talking to people.  He has a lot of Faith.  I love him for that.  We are working hard and loving it.
So Elder Dewey I don't know if you remember him but he just finished his mission.  We ate breakfast with him today at Patrick's house.  He got released by his Stake President over the phone so now he is just vacationing it up like a real man.  I thought that was kinda cool... a little weird also.  It was good to see him especially because he wasn't a missionary anymore.  oh well...
Well that was our week.  The Sisters in our Ward had a baptism this last week.  It was a little girl of 9 years. She is part of a family of 13 kids... they are members... pretty ghetto but good people.
I can't really think of much else to tell you other than things are going good and my new companion is great.
Love you all talk to you later.
P.S.  Dad, those counter tops looked really good.  Well done.  Good on ya..
Love Elder Von Simonson

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