Monday, May 24, 2010

My last transfer...a little weird!

Dear Family,
Well this week was an amazing week.  I love how quickly things can change.  This whole transfer we have been searching and searching for people to teach, and we found them and then we taught them, but they weren't really interested or serious, so we looked for more people.  Then we looked and looked some more. 
Our whole goal for this transfer was to simply find one solid person that was serious and who was progressing towards baptism.  That is all we wished for because at the beginning we had no one.  We literally had no investigators.  Well this week was the last week of the transfer and the Lord blessed us amazingly. 
    First of all... on Monday we had a lady (that is a neighbor of some members) decide after two years of coming to church that she finally wanted to be baptized.  The Sisters have been teaching her, so that was exciting for them.  The only problem is that she smokes a ton... around 50-60 cigarettes a day.  That is a lot.  Then Tuesday, we went to Namur for a District Meeting and a District proselyting activity.  While we were there, a member called us and said,  "Hey... our neighbor named Benjamin is very interested in meeting with you.  Can you see him tomorrow?"  Of course we can... So we saw him and he had come to the Ward party not too long ago, and had known these members for a while.  We sat down and started to get to know him and then he kind of cut us off and said,  "Well, the reason I wanted you to come and see me was because I really want to change my life and do good. And since I have moved here (next to the members) I have felt really good.  I know my baptism as a baby wasn't my choice, but I just feel like now I need to make that promise with God."  He said,  "You probably think I am crazy, but I just really feel that I should be baptized."... alright. So we said,  "That is great!  We would like to help prepare you.  That is our main and only goal is to help prepare people to be baptized."  So we set a date with him for the 19th of June.  He is Belge.. this is the first Belge person that I have taught and set a date with.  He is 27 and a nice sincere man.  He is very smart and knows what is right and wrong and has had a hard life.  So we are now seeing him 3 times a week.  He has started coming to all the activities at the church and he was at Church on Sunday and loved it.  He said,  "It is weird... everything that they teach and everything that people share are like my ideas and my thoughts.. I didn't think that something like this existed."  He is amazing, and once again we did absolutely nothing...other than be there and showing God that we really wanted and desired to teach someone serious.. then He just handed him into our laps. 
The other sweet thing... I think I told you a little last week... but we are also teaching a 14 year old black kid who is super smart and super serious.  Timothee is his name.  Well, we finally got them to come to Church yesterday.  His mom is a member, just inactive.  We were going to set a date with him for the 19th also, but when we asked him he said,  "Well, I am still a little confused... there are a lot of churches and I just want to be sure that I choose the right one because I don't want to make a decision and regret it later."  He is amazing.  He came to church and loved it.  I went to Young Men's with him.  There were 6 other young black kids in the class, so it was perfect for him.  Then the teacher was asking everyone if there was a difference between immortality and eternal life and they were all saying that it was the same.  Then the teacher asked.. "Timothee, what do you think?"   His words exactly were...  "Well, immortality is more physical and eternal life is more spiritual."  Then he continued to show up the other boys who had been members for a long time.  It was great..
The week was great.  We finally have some great people to teach.  Elder Receveur and I were very excited and happy.
That brings us to some news.. It is the end of the transfer.. and you know what that means.  Transfer news.  Guesses.. anyone?  Well that is right... I am staying.. but sadly for Elder Receveur, he is leaving.  He is going to be co-companion with a missionary his same age in a city named Cholet.  They are both really young and they are going to white wash a little city.  His new companion is French and is one of the biggest studs.  They will do great and it will be a turning point in his mission.  I loved Elder Receveur.  We got along way too good.  Plus he is a hard worker and we had the same desires and ya, it would have been great to stay with him for my last transfer.. However the Lord had other plans for me.  I am going to be TRAINING a poor new missionary.  I feel bad for the poor kid.  He is going to drag my lazy butt around.  I am excited and nervous.  It should be interesting...Maybe a little hard.  I am going to be working double, but oh well, it will be good.  Plus we have sweet people to teach and baptize, so it should be a good start for his mission.  Well that is that.. so my last transfer... it is a little weird.  My mind has completely grasped the idea, but it doesn't change much.  It is no different than any other transfer. 
So that was my week.  We went to Namur today to see the Citadel with the District.  It was fun.  That is why the email is late.  so...
Thanks for the pictures.  I loved seeing everyone.  I love them all.  It made me trunky because I would love to hang out and have a party with all those people because I love em..
Well that is really all for the week.  I will be going to pick up my newb on Wednesday and bring him back to the GHETTO  He is going to love it. 
Take care, have fun.
Happy Birthday, Clint... 28 and still queer...  pity really
Love Elder Simonson  

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