Monday, May 17, 2010

Fast Week...

Howdeee.  All is going well in Charleroi, Belgium.  We had a busy week.  We had three exchanges this week so we spent a lot of time away from each other.  That isn't always the greatest for obtaining and reaching the goals that we set together as a companionship, because we were never together and couldn't focus on them nor work on them. 
Monday we had pday and I had a baptismal interview for a little girl that is 11 that got baptized in Charleroi 2 last night. Then on Monday night, Elder Receveur and I went to Mons to work with the companionship there.  I spent Tuesday working in Mons.  It was FREEZING cold the whole stinking day.  It was like winter, raining and blowing.  I loved Mons.  It was soooo beautiful compared to Charleroi, and the people weren't ghetto.  Plus the missionaries live with an American member... and she shops on the military base so that meant AMERICAN FOOD for a day... let's just say the taste of sweet Captain Crunch caressed by ice cold American milk, then the crunchiness of delicious corn dogs and topped off with nice cookie dough ice cream, was enough get me a little trunky.. But I quickly countered those feelings by eating a Gauffre (waffle) and some Chocolate and then I was good. 
Wednesday we had an exchange with the other Elders in Charleroi. Which was good.  They passed us this part member family.  We are now teaching the 14 year old kid who wants to be baptized.  He is just amazing!  He reads all the time in the Book of Mormon and he understands really well.  He is one of the most intelligent kids I have ever met.  So that was exciting.  Thursday we had interviews with President. That went well.  Elder Receveur and I prepared some lunch for the District. We have a store that sells Mexican food.. So we had a bunch of really good burritos.  Everyone was loving it. 
Friday.. we planned and then went and taught a couple of people.  We started teaching this beautiful little family from Rwanda.  The mom is a little lost and really searching for the right church.. but.. hopefully she will put forth the effort to know the truth. 
Friday night was one of the greatest nights of my mission (well funnest).  Our Ward had a Ward party and it was the 'Souper Belge' (Belgian dinner).  We ate authentic Belge food and it was dang good.  Also they had the whole night centered on Belge culture, so that was really fun for me.  I was loving it.. They did a skit on how to make real Belge Frites.   It was sweet.  For dinner we ate Carbonade et Frites.. and for desert obviously Brussels waffles.. carbonade is kinda like beef stew, but a little sweeter and with prunes in it.. It is good... especially on top of Belge fries..  So that was fun for me.  Saturday we did some service for a lady and cleaned up her yard.. cut trees down, pulled weeds, etc.  Then the rest of the day we spent finding.. knocking doors, talking to people, you name it.  Yesterday we went to church.  We had Ward Conference so I got to see the Stake leaders and see some people that I knew from Bruxelles.. it was fun. Then there was the baptism of the 11 year old in Charleroi 2.  We went to that so I got to see all the members again.. It was great and for the most part they all remembered me.. It made me feel good.
Anyway that was my week.. It was fun and super fast.. I can't believe that we are pretty much through May.. we seriously just started it.
Well, love you lots and will talk at you later.. 

Elder Von Simonson

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