Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Glenda!!

"WHAT???????; YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT MY PERSONAL STUFF.... AND LOGGING INTO MY THINGS, Mom...oh... wow.  I feel like you have really over done it this time.. haha! Hey, well that sounds like you had some fun. By the way.. this Glenda lady sounds like she is from Europe.. :) haha
 Alright... enough of this boafy and trunky-ness... let's talk about things that are eternally important... So this week we had a really good Leadership meeting with all the Dl and ZL's of the whole mission, both Dutch and French side.. We have been preparing for this meeting this last week..
Anyway... we all came fasting and ready to council together and set goals and plans for the year 2010 and how many baptisms we would set a goal for.. we came to the point where every Zone had set their goals and we had to make a decision for a Mission goal... and President was directing the discussion and he heard everyone's opinion and then he said... well now I will turn the time over to my Assistants... so we had to decide on a goal with the help of everyone.. I had no idea what to do or what to say.. anyway.. it was good.. Very powerful.. so... the goal for the Belgium Brussels Netherlands Mission is 325.. for 2010.
As for our brother Kadio.. he is doing super well.. he has now been to church something like 5 weeks in a row.. he is a solid guy, but the only time we can teach him is Sundays after church.. so that is what we have been doing.. After church this last Sunday we taught him with a recent convert... and talked to him about baptism.. and he said, "Well, yes of course that is the next step.. but I want to continue learning and make sure I know what I am promising with the Lord.." so he is a stud and I love him.. .. well I know this is kind of a short email but.. I love you and all is well.  We are beginning to find some new people..
- Elder Simonson

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