Saturday, January 23, 2010

Survival of Transfers...

Hey there.... Well I survived transfers week one more time.... It was pretty busy, but all went well and we got THE coolest bunch of missionaries... They will be the future of this great mission... They were really awesome and have the best attitudes.
Monday was pretty cool we had meetings and then we taught this lady named Marga.. we have taught her a few times.. but she is just a really nice lady. She lost faith after one particualar year that was really hard for her in her life. She split from her husband, her son turned gay, her daughter moved out on the streets, etc.. and her other daughter got diagnosed with cancer.. So.. now she doesn't really believe God is there... and she is pretty hard and coullaced... (I don't know how to spell that.. ) Well in that appointment.. her daughter who had cancer was there and she was really anti God.. she told us... "God isn't there.. or else why would he have given me cancer"... and we talked a little and said, "Well just because there is a God doesn't mean that everything in life is going to be perfect etc... then she was like.. well.... "I (capital i ) I OVERCAME CANCER.... GOD DID NOTHING.... IT WAS MY POWER THAT OVERCAME THE CANCER..." .. oh man I wanted to punch her.. I don't think I have ever heard someone that Prideful.. here she is still living and she says God isn't there because 'I got cancer and then I overcame it.. and he did nothing for me...' Hmmmmm... sounds like God is pretty nice and just... BECAUSE HE LET YOU LIVE... haha it was ridiculous.. that was one of the most offensive things I have heard on my whole entire mission.. That gives you a little taste of Belge people... They have pretty good lives, but it is supposedly because of them and their power.. and they all are very bitter towards God... But you gotta love em...
Well then Tuesday we had the new missionaries arrive.. they got in around 8:30 and then we had orientation and what not and went to the Mission Home to eat lunch then later we went to the Dedication Site and then to Grande Place.. It was a fun night... and like I said it was a really cool group.. Super solid..
Trasfers.. well.. I will stay one more... Elder Christensen and I will try to kick some butt this transfer.. so that means I stayed for the departing missionaries also.. It was sad, there were a lot of really sweet missionaries that left... It was kinda weird sending them home because they have been the group that was always there and were still pretty young when we first came in..
So now time for a cool miracle... Last night we were invited to a member's house... the family Whidiger.. He is from Russia and she is from Tahiti.. and they both speak English like Americans... in fact they are pretty much American.... They are both converts and awesome missionaries and they have the most beautiful little family.. Anyway, last night we went over to their house and they had invited a friend named Carlos.. Carlos was from Columbia but has lived here for about 15 years and he has a family of a wife and two kids 14 and 8. He was super interested and really open and wanted to come to church... Sadly he was in the other Ward's area... but.. it was a really special experience having a member give you a referral and teaching him in their house.. That is what it is all about..

Well that is really it.. not too much more than that going on.. that was too bad to hear about Grandpa Hunt.. Last night when I was praying.. I thought.. hmmm.. I feel like I am going to receive some bad news from home.. and viola.. weird huh.. well.. Hope everyone is going well.. I will talk to you later... Oh and I haven't bought anything yet.. we are going later today and we will see if there is anything worth buying.. if not I won't spend money..
love you bye..
Elder Simonson

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