Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zone Conference Week

Hey everybody.... come see how cool I am.... HA! Just kidding. Well the week was pretty crazy. It started crazy on Monday.. we had to plan, prepare and finalize everything for the Zone Confereces so that took up that day and then on Tuesday we had our first Z.C. in Antwerpen. It went pretty well, we had a few kinks but we worked them out for the next day in Amsterdam. Then on Thursday and Friday were spent in Bruxelles and Lille. It was a good week, a little stressful but ok...
We have gotten so many awesome new missionaries. They are great. ummm.. Ya, I can't think about too much else to tell you... You would be bored by all the Zone Conference stuff it was more or less the same everyday. We talked about teaching and President talked about optimism and using goals to stay happy and optimistic... It was cool.. He shared a really funny example. I'll bore you and share it with you... So we all know the white roller coaster at Lagoon.. And how it is really old an rickety.. well one day the cars got stuck at the top of one of the humps...all the people were just stuck up there and they couldn't budge the old wheels.. They tried to rock back and forth to budge it loose but couldn't get it.. so they tried to get a helicopter to come rescue the people but it was too windy and they couldn't, so about 3 hours later a rescue team came and used climbing gear to get all the passengers down.. Well the first people to get down were a middle aged guy with his kids and when he got down he was FREAKING out saying how terrible it was and that he was having a heart attack and he called an ambulance and they took him away... Well the next people to come down were a group of teenagers... and they were all cheering and laughing and loving it.. and were like, "Oh man, that was AWESOME... we could see clear out to Antelope Island.. we were up there for three hours.. you could see the whole valley.. and then we got to repel down... oh.. that was sick! We should do that every weekend!"
I liked it because it just really portrays the importance of your attitude.. you can make whatever situation awesome.. whether it is really a poopy situation or not... Because in this example it was the same situation and showed how differently the people chose to react... what a crappy life it would be if we all CHOSE to act like the grumpy old man..
Anyway that is something that really hit me in Zone Conference...
So.. I had no idea that Jake and Maddie were pregnant.. but that is really cool... Oh and guess what.. There is a Dutch missionary named Elder Weatherston from Blackfoot Idaho.. but really he is from Snake River.. he came up to me and said, "Hey, did one of your brothers marry the Stander girl?" and I said, "Ya, you know the Standers?" and ya I guess he lives pretty close.. the world is small and I talked to Elder Sanford, the one from Jaron's Ward.. He is awesome.. And also I talked to Elder Adams, Mark and Colleen's neighbor..
Well you asked about the winter and the weather. It has been pretty cold.. not quite as cold as last year.. but then again I am in a car a lot of the time.. so I am not out in it 24/7 like last year.. but it has snowed a little on an off.. it snowed about 5-6 inches at the begining of winter and then it has just snowed skiffs here and there and they all don't stay for very long..
Second thing.. I am pretty pumped about this book thing.. it sounds pretty cool.. What did you use to make it? Was it that Shutterfly thingy? Anyway... sorry I don't have too much to say.. we didn't have anytime this week to see our investigators.. But Blessing is doing well and Kadio called us in the middle of the week and wanted to set up an appointment with us.. so that is always a great sign..
Sorry this letter is pretty BORING, but oh well.. love you.. and tell Clint that I would be willing to take the risk of marrying Jeff if he wants to play that game with his class. :) haha.. I love you all and will talk to you later..
Oh P.S... I need Tess's address and also Drew's address and ya, I think that is it.. could you please email me those.. maybe even today so I can get them and send out my letters on Monday.. Thanks, that would be cool..
Also I might take out some personal money.. It is SOLDES time in Europe.. that means cheap awesome stuff.. I have to go shopping.. I have no other choice..
Elder Simonson

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