Saturday, February 6, 2010

Great Week!

Hey there Family and friends...... Well this week has been one of the greatest weeks of my mission. I have loved this week. Things have seemed to finally slow down a little... after having the Mission Leadership Conference we haven't had to prepare for anything.. SO that meant a sweet open week to go out and work sharing the gospel... I really miss having all day everyday to be out teaching and finding and teaching...
We have been a little down lately because not much has been going on and things have been stressful and slow... So last week while we were planning, we decided... "Alright, some things need to change." So we decided that we needed to find a bunch of new people... We decided that we would no longer take our car around, but take metros and the tram and buses, because then we have all day to talk to people... So that is what we did... and it has been great.. the first day on Monday we were waiting for like 2 hours to get Elder Christensen a metro pass and we talked to a bunch of people. But it was really cool because we were just sitting their talking.. and this girl that had been in the line about half an hour before came walking back up to us and said... "Hey you speak English right?" and then she said... "Well, I was sitting there looking at you and I thought hmm they look like Mormons.. ya know, I don't really know what Mormons believe..." and she said, " I really want to sit down and talk to you more about your church and what you believe.. I don't know if you do that or what.. or if you have time during the week, but I really want to know." So we got her number and address and what not, but she was in the other Ward's area so we told her that some Sisters would call her.. so we will see where that goes. She was awesome, she was from England, 24 years old, and is a head person over this big Non-denominational Christian Organization of West Europe.. and they believe, and try to follow, as closely as the Bible explains.. soooo that should be sweet.. that was cool experience number one.
Then on Monday night we got a referral from a convert named Rachel. She is super solid and is from Burkina Faso. She talks to people about the church all the time. So she gave us a referral of a Ghanian man named Godwin ... We saw him on Thursday and he has three best friends from Ghana, all served missions and are very solid in the church. He told us.. "I know Latter-Day Saints very well.. I went to Latter-Day Saint church all the time in Ghana." He is really cool and will be coming to church ...
Another cool thing was that we really want to help Kadio to be baptized, but he never has time to see us and then he will come to church and love it. So he comes to church, but can never meet with us so that we can teach him. So this week we decided that we would just pray really hard for him and for the chance to see him during the week so we could set up some plans on how to prepare him for baptism.. Well.... let's just say prayers work. On Wednesday we were in Liege to attend some interviews and Kadio texts us and says... and I quote "Hi can we meet 2moro from 11 to 11:30 to talk on baptism".... how sweet is that... unfortunately he had something come up and asked if we could move it to Sunday... so this Sunday we will see what he has to say... He is such a great guy..
Also last week or so we went to just stop by an American family just to say Hi and to get to know them better and ask them about some recent converts that they helped teach that are now inactive and.. long story short, they told us about their neighbor and how the missionaries used to teach him.. so we went over their and found a beautiful little family from Kenya.. they have two little girls and ya... his name is Roy and he is a super intellegent and believing guy. We taught him last night about the Book of Mormon and he had his doubts and then he told us all about how the Bible came to be. He is really smart and knows all his stuff.. but what was great was that he was humble enough to say, "Well, I can't say this isn't the word of God if I have never read it." And he said he was going to read it all and pray about it and then he will be able to say yes or no.. we will see in 2 weeks.. we are meeting with him again and we will talk about his findings..
This week has been really cool.. We did some exchanges. We went on an exchange with Elder Spicer and Elder Canonica... Elder Spicer is a stud, he is doing very well and I love him.. They stayed the night at our apartment and Elder Spicer and I talked forever about Pocatello and what not and then I said, "Man, I would have never guessed that I would be in Belgium laying in bed talking to Daniel Spicer!" It was funny..
Anyway that has been my week. It has been really great and it only continues.. so... Working makes me happy... Anyway I still love you, even though I didn't get any mail... :) : ) haha.. but I think that you got my camera card... As soon as you send me back the one, I have another one almost ready... and today we are going sight seeing in BRUSSELS.. we are going to see like 4 sweet Cathedrals and Castles and cool stuff.. so lots of pictures will follow.. Love you, talk to you later..
Elder Simonson

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