Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey hey... how's it going family? Sorry I didn't write last week. I wrote a long letter and then when I sent it, it had logged me out and of course I hadn't saved it. SOOOO ya that's why you didn't get a letter... Sorry, my bad. Well this last week was really good. We got to go to the temple.. which was well needed and long awaited. The temple is up in Zoetermeer or Den Haag, I don't remember which town, but it was in the Netherlands, it was awesome! The temple was very small but it was beautiful and it didn't change the spirit that you feel in the temple... I had just been stressing about a lot of stuff and my mind was just racing for like 2 weeks before and as soon as I walked into the temple, everything just went away and I felt sooo calm.  It was good... The endownment was in French, that was cool. That was on Wednesday that we went.  We left around 7:30 and got home at like 10 because of the terrible traffic going in and out of Brussels. So that was our Zone Conference for this transfer... 
So I got all the little letters from everyone.. it was good to hear from everyone.. I had commentary last week, but I don't remember too much of that letter now.. so once again, Sorry. 
This week was pretty good. We have been facing lots of opposition. Aime has been going in and out of the hospital with his cancer and had a bad little incounter with one of the members and he now hates him... and as for Claire, our other ami... she was just way busy and the only time we could see her was on Wed. when we went to the temple, so we haven't seen her for awhile... It was kind of a rough week but it helped us learn a lot. 
Enough about that opposition stuff.. Last night just made the week worth every bit of roughness... SO a few weeks ago the office Elders gave us a referal of a Brazilian lady that they had contacted and we had tried to stop by but she wasn't there.. well we had fixed a rendezvous and she wasn't there so we left a Book of Mormon and she called us telling us thanks for the book and sorry for not being there and we set up another time to come over. sooo last night was that time... We went there and it was a beautiful Brazilian family.. they have 3 girls, a 17 year old, 16 and 7.  The 16 year old went back to Brazil for studies, but the other two were there. They were so humble and the lesson was really good. They all just gathered around and were listening and asking questions.. It was sweet. I have never really had a Family lesson like that. It was a huge blessing. And we are seeing them again on Wed. With a Brazilian couple from the Ward.. I am so excited for this family. They are just down to earth and searching and just a normal family... I love it... Also this random big black Congolaise lady showed up to church with her family yesterday.. Well, turns out that she is just here from Congo for a couple of months and she was just baptized about a year ago.. and her son who is like 35 or so that lives here in Brussels is a member and he came to church with his little girl.. I sat by him and showed him around.. he is sweet and we are seeing him this next Wed. too.. Miracles.... but I am loving it here... sometimes it's super crazy but... I love it still... 
So this Sunday it seems like you are ready to talk to me... that is sweet! I'm ready too. Ummm I think it will be good to call me at 9 o'clock in the morning your time so like 5 my time... I hope that is ok.. sorry I didn't get that set up better.. but I love you and I will talk to you soon.. 
Elder Von Simonson

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