Monday, May 11, 2009

Transfers already...

So it was pretty sweet to talk to Mom and Dad and Clint and Katie yesterday... It was good. It got me excited to go out and do missionary work. Things went super well yesterday. We had 3 people at church... a Columbian lady named Yolanda and Clarie came and a guy named Messi. It was good. Sadly the Brazilain family didn't make it. The Bishop's wife even called them and invited them to come.. but hopefully this next week. Also this week we met with some awesome new people. 
This one girl named Clotilde (she was taught by Elder Craig the old Assistant who is now home).. anyway that was before the International Ward was combined into the other two wards.. Soo because this girl, who is from Cameroon, only speaks English, she went to the International Ward.  Well, she had come like 5 or 6 times to that Ward and loved it, then the Wards combined and she was going to get baptized the week after the Wards were combined (that being the week before she left for Ireland for 3 months).  Well.. long story short, she got lost and couldn't find the church that week so she didn't get baptized and then she left for Ireland... Well last week I happened to call her and she had just gotten back from Ireland.. So we got to see her this week and she is so solid. She is a Theologist sooo she understands that the authority was lost after Peter and that it had to have been restored by Jesus Christ himself.. So she knows that the Church is true. She is very, very smart. We taught with a Brazilian member named Danilo who speaks English. He was like, "It is good to know in your mind that it is true, but you also have to know it in your heart as well."  Well then she told us what it was like the first time she came to church and she just testified that she knew in both her heart and in her mind that it is true.. Soo ya, she has been taught everything and has accepted it and is living all of the commandments.. so she will be baptized soon, like the end of this month.. we are going to review stuff with her and just help her get invovled and integrated into the Ward.. 
Things have been going really well. I have just been trying to get everything figured out and get in the swing of things. This transfer has flown by so fast. It is crazy. Anyway... so transfers news! I am staying in Brussels and my new companion will be Elder Nielsen.. I don't know him at all.. other than he used to be a Zone Leader down in Lille, France... Everyone seems to really, really like him and they all say that he is really easy going.. so I'm down with that... 
It was really good to talk to you yesterday!  I can't believe that Danny and Clint are going crazy with this whole Holy Sheet idea.. but whatever huh.. haha I thought it was funny.. Mom sent me a couple of pictures, man Clint, you have gotten fat..  How much weight have you put on?.. haha. I didn't get your letter yet sooo no comments yet on that. 
It was good to serve with Elder Hoskyns. He is a hard worker and is so enthusiatic about the work.. I learned a lot and it was a good transfer. 
I am really excited for this new one just because we have some really amazing people at the begining.. so.. it should be good. 
I'm sorry that my letters are always boring.. It's just that I don't know what else to write you... I know you said to write how I am doing.. but I'm doing well.. I like the food... I run every morning, mostly in the forest.. I eat a lot of Belge fries.. ummmm being here in Brussels I'm learning a few phrases in like every language.. and ya.. that's about it.. I like missionary work.. It's fun and frustrating and joyful and hard but it's good and stressful so.. I don't know what you want to hear.. haha well I am going to try to write people letters so that they might write me.. but we will see how that goes. I'll let you know next week how my new companion is.  I love you and hope all is well.
Elder Simonson

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