Monday, May 18, 2009

New companion NEW AWESOMENESS!

..... Well well well, My new companion is Elder Nielsen from Tremonton, Utah... He is a Utard but I am trying to be charitable and loving.... no I'm only teasing.. things are going great. He is such a good guy. He was really sick this first week of transfers but we saw a lot of miracles still...
Soooo quick crazy story of the week to start this puppy out... So last night Elder Nielsen and I were headed home to our apartment after finding a really cool and rich Protestant Romanian family... which is usually never the case.  Usually they are really poor and are orthodox... anyway back to my story.. Well we are headed back and we get off the Metro and go to switch to the tram... well as we are getting off... of course people are getting on and I see this guy with bags getting on the metro and I see this other guy kinda quickly grab something out of his bag.. and then just hop on the Metro and out the other side.. so I start yelling at this guy in English (don't know why).. but I'm just like, "He just stole something from your bag!"... So the guy looks and just starts freaking out.. so Elder Nielsen and I just take off running.. Elder Nielsen sees where he goes and just takes off after him... Anyway long story short, we chased him for a good half a mile and then he just took the money from it and chucked the wallet.. so we got the wallet back for the guy.. which had all of his stuff, papers, credit cards, everything.. so he was really happy.. I was so dead from running after him.. haha .. it was cool.. crazy.. it's been a while since I have felt a rush of adrenaline like that.. 
Also this week I got your card with all the pictures in it.. I can't believe how all of them have changed.. it blows my mind... Also I got a letter from Josh Richardson.. it was good to hear from him. 
THE HOW I'M DOING SECTION REQUESTED BY MOTHER: Ummm I'm doing really good... I love my new companion.. He is so down to earth he is not FAKE at all.. just talks to people like they are people, he listens to the Spirit and we get along.. he also is just way good at leading a Zone..ect.... so that means I'm content. 
The work is going well.. we are having a hard time getting people to come to church and to progress but.. we keep finding a ton of super prepared people... The Lord is merciful.. so we are just working hard... we found that Romaninan family and are teaching a new Congolais guy named Titi, and ya we are still teaching Claire.. she is like my favorite.. we went and taught her just before Elder Hoskyns left.. and she fed us.. she asked when her baptism was.. she wanted it sometime in June but the problem is that she has a boyfriend and she can't get married for another year because she isn't leagally divorced until then.. and she doesn't want to live the law of chastity.. she's solid.. but... ya just that problem stands in the way... 
Love You lots.. thanks Trisha for the was good to hear from ya because contrary to popular belief, mom doesn't tell me what all goes on... 
sooo.. and mom, i just got the little update thing, not a regular letter soo.. alright.. love ya 

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