Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference de Generale

Well this week was an amazing week with many miracles and just busy. Elder Musters and I went on two exchanges this week. One was with the Assistants in which I got to teach and contact in English.. and I was terrible at it... ha! But that's ok, I could say more than I could in French. This weekend was amazing. We had 5 of our good investigators came to General Conference. Joseph came and said it was amazing, he got to hear the Prophet talk and he was impressed by how big and grand the church was. He also said that his son asked him if he could come to church with him next week. Joseph was sooo happy.  Early in the week we had met with Joseph and he told us that we should invite his son to church the next time we came to visit.. So Joseph thought that we had invited him.. but we hadn't... Anyway.. Joseph read about the Plan of Salvation and loved it. He said it answered so many questions... so this week we finally have some more time to meet with him and answer his questions... Ya!! So that was great. We found 5 new investigators this week... One of them we met at this investigator's house that we have.. his name is Fred... and wow... Fred... has some problems. Anyway... some plans fell through so we called Fred to see if we could meet with him and he told us to come over. When we arrived there, there was a man, a very clean looking well to do man..and he looked very Muslim.  He had followed us and he was Fred's friend from work...but when we got to Fred's appartment, he had a wood pallet in the middle of the floor and he had been burning something in the middle of his house... and by looking at all the clues and hearing him talk .. we were pretty sure he was in the process of making some drugs... some very serious drugs... which was a little wierd.. but that could have just been our assumptions.. but nevertheless there was black stuff all over and it smelt like when we burned garbage on Promise Ln. Well .. We started talking to Fred's friend Ali... he was born to parents who were Muslim but he wasn't actually Muslim. He was really great and had heard a little bit about the church and he was very interested. So we fixed a rendez vous with him this week, On the other hand while we were there.. Fred smoked about 6 or 7 cigarettes.. hahaha man... that was interesting... so our not so progressing investigator got us an awesome new investigator... Awesome! Well my week was great we worked hard... and I got to work in a different area with my Zone Leader Elder Leavitt for a day which was great. 
French is coming along... I understand pretty good.. but I don't speak a whole lot soooo,... my speaking is kinda terrible but... ya it's going better... I can contact people and set up a time to meet with them... so that is all that matters... K... as for emails.. and things.. my immediate family can email... so the bro's and sis'.. you can email with out going through Mom and Dad... but, like you said, the more emails I have to read, the less time I have to write.. .. so it's up to you.. I like both and I really don't care.  Also I got Tess's letters, both of them... and also I got Grandma and Grandpa Hamblin's note from the Belgium people and I got your two hugs... that was interesting.. the guy actually came and found me during General Conference... so.. ya .. hmmm... other questions.. I can't think of the other things I was going to answer.  I sent Tess and Trish a letter last week I think... sooooo... ya.. by the way Tess, your letter came in 4 days... not too bad huh?  Well I should probably go... love you all, thanks for your support...keep it up.. 
Elder Simonson

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