Friday, August 15, 2008


This week we got two sets of pictures from Jacob (Elder Simonson) from the MTC.
The captions underneath them were Jacob's own words that he wrote on the
back of each picture.

Elder Robinson & I learning real hard. Notice my killer PVL card...ya I drew it!

Just little ole' me in the classroom!

Ah, and Brett! Oh ya, I got two big cold sores as you can probably see.

Elder Segura and I. My killer Mexican friend, from Chicago. I wonder why I get along with Mexicans so well? I have a theory that includes me being born in Blackfoot, but just a theory!

Me & my Colleague...and the person taking the picture may
or may not have been _____. (Probably shouldn't write that
on the blog, I might offend someone!)

Me & my companion Elder Robinson after our haircuts!

My District.

My Zone: minus the ones that left a few weeks ago.

Me and my companion on the 4th of July, trying to witness some fireworks from the parking lot.

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