Monday, August 17, 2009

Haha....Elder Bailey...

Well I am glad that you got my message. Elder Bailey spent his last day with Elder Nielsen and I, so I gave him your phone number and and told him to call you.. so I'm glad he did. Elder Bailey is a good man and I respect him a lot.. Did he talk about Reinhilda?  Because I did her baptismal interview and she is awesome.. I'm sure he told the miracle about Christian and with the family Peters ..(that was with Elder Nielsen)
He has a tendency to blow things up a little, so I'm probably not as great of a missionary as he said I was.. 
This week has been great.. we saw Elder Nelson at a Mission Conference in the Netherlands, Rotterdam.. It was an awesome experience and I got to see Elder Schmutz and Elder Spicer and all the missionaries I love... Elder Nelson was very powerful and it was crazy how the Lord worked with the Spirit through Elder Nelson and Pres. Kopischke . They all congratulated the Mission... and maybe it was just me and questions I had, but it seemed like all the speakers touched on all the good efforts we were giving to the Lord.. They really built us up and helped us feel good about ourselves.. Because I think a lot of missionaries in this Mission really break themselves down.. It was a great experience.. 
Other than that.. the work was a little slower than usual, but just because we had to clean out our teaching pool .. We hadn't been finding any new amis and all of our others weren't going anywhere hardly.. So this week we did a lot of finding and the Lord blessed us very much.. A quick miracle with that.. the whole week we had been focusing on finding new people and we just weren't having too much success and this Saturday we had only one rdv planned and the rest was just kinda left open for .. finding.. well, I think both elder nielsen and I were a little discouraged, so Friday night we took some time and just prayed and studied... I was just praying that we would do His will and not waste time and telling Him the desires I had.. and well Sat went awesome.. We found this cool student from Cameroon and he is really smart.. Then Nelito, our Ward Mission Leader, calls us up and asks us to come to the hospital with him to see Claire and to meet him at the church at 1:30.  So we changed our plans and went to grab something quick to eat at the church.. Right as we finish eating, someone rings the bell of the church and so I go thinking it's Nelito and it is just some older Belge guy.. and so I opened the door and he said, "I rang three times like it says.." (you are supposed to ring 3 times for the Geneology Center..) so I told him that the Center was closed for the day.. and he said, "What? .. I just saw the sign of the Church and I wanted to know more about it."  So we let him in and he was awesome.. the first thing he said .. was, "I want eternel life.  How do i get it?"  So we told him.. anyway he was Seventh Day Adventist, but he was really open and knew a lot about the original Church with Jesus and His Apostles and he said he was looking for a church like that.. ... so of course we told him about the apostasy and he was in agreeance.. and then we told him about the Restoration and the Spirit was so strong .. it was intense.. I was scared to mess something up, because he was so amazing.. Well, half-way through, Nelito came in and helped us teach this guy and testified, and it was awesome.. he left with a armful of things, Book of Mormon, pamphlets.. etc.. because he lives up in Gent, it's way north Belgium, Dutch speaking.. SO the ball is in his court now.. 
Jacques Temfack; is still doing wonderful.. he came to church for his third time in a row this last Sunday and he loved it again.. he is on track still for baptism and is accepting all the commandments .. and has no problems with them anyway.. it's great. We will see him tonight to teach him and to go to Family Home Evening with him.. I love him .. he is great.. 
Bayana is doing really well too.. we passed her to the Sisters this week and that will go well.. 
So real quick, I don't have much more time.. I just wanted to tell you about the fufu that I ate yesterday.. There is a sweet part member famliy.. he is Belge and she is from Ghana.. and she is the funniest lady ever.. she calls us her boyfriends.. haha.. well the fufu she made us was intense... it had a full fish plopped in the soup... eyes, scales, fins, bones... you name it.. haha!  It was pretty good.. interesting but good, and if you want to know what fufu is, look on Tylan's blog. I imagine he has a photo of it or explains it.. 
Well love you lots.. talk to you next week.. Tess and Mom, I got your letters, thanks and Trish and Kenyan, I got both of your emails .. Thanks both and I love you both.. 
ELder Von Simonson

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