Monday, January 5, 2009

Transfer News!

Well as you know, Elder Reynolds and I were able to see Esther and Dylan be baptized on Saturday!  And I got to baptize Dylan. It was soooo good. The baptism turned out very well. There was a ton of investigators there and a ton of our Ward which really surprised me. After I baptized Dylan, he was so happy. I don't think he knew why he was so happy, but I knew!  We had some great talks from some people in the Ward and the Bishop gave an amazing talk talking about how baptism is really the first step and he boar the strongest testimony.  Sunday was also a very good day. Esther and Dylan recieved the Holy Ghost. The whole time during fast and testimony meeting Esther kept trying to get Dylan to bear his testimony but he was too scared, and he kept trying to sleep with his elbows on his knees and Esther kept lifting him up.... Sound familiar?  Man I was a boaf... oh well.  Also Daniel was at church now for the 4th time in a row!  He has not missed a Sunday since the first day we met him.  He is so solid and is telling all of his friends about his baptism on the 17th.  Also he is trying to get his one friend to stop drinking and the Lord has really blessed him with a strong testimony of the Word of Wisdom (too bad his friend is Muslim or we could teach his friend too).  Cyr, on the other hand is being his boafy self and not keeping his rendez vous or coming to church... He has a lot of work. 

The work has slowed down this last little bit because of the holidays (les fetes).  So everyone here are still off work and partying with their families, so it should pick back up here in a little. 
P-days.. for the most parts are pretty busy too. We don't always go to places like Dinant.. but since Patrick was on break he said he would take us somewhere.  Sometimes we go to places like that.. sometimes we do shopping and cleaning and play hockey in the church.. so that is why I am so bad at writing letters... and since this is the p-day before transfers I can't promise anything this week. 
I'm glad you got to see the pictures that Patrick posted.. I think you probably have seen them all.. but.. you might check again... Patrick said he wrote you a little note in English... I hope you understood.. haha 

Well now the moment you might have been waiting for... TRANSFERS.... DUNN DUNN DUNNN.....! Well last night at around 9 o'clock I received a call from the Assistants.... I about peed my pants.... actually maybe I did a little but .... uh.... that is beside the point.. No... Elder Palomaki called and said... Elder Simonson... the Lord has a new assignment for you... Then he said.... remember the first day in Grand place where you, me and Elder Schmutz found Rodriguez who was later baptized?  Well the Lord would like that again only minus me and in Charleroi..... and I was like, OH FREAK..... The news was much unexpected... Elder Schmutz from my MTC district is my new companion here in Charleroi.... We have both only been out for 4 months out in the field.. and now we are both Senoir Companions... I AM FREAKING SCARED... I seriously didn't sleep at all last night... I finally fell asleep around 12:30 and then woke up again at 4:30 ... I no longer have someone to follow around or to take the lead or to speak French when I can't or don't understand.... I am in for a lot of learning and a lot of time being out of my comfort zone... I will learn very quickly because I have to... I think the Lord knows that I won't learn unless he puts me in a situation where I am forced to learn quickly....E. Reynolds was called to be Zone leader in Arras, a town in France.... Well I have to go... sounds like Christmas was awesome for you guys... love you all!  Pray for me lots... peace.

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