Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shared Letter from Grandpa and Grandma!

Sister Grandma and Elder Grandpa!

Hey, Sorry I have just been so terrible at writing...letters...and you are SO good at writing me. Thank you...I enjoy receiving and reading your letters. Sounds like you and Grandpa both stay pretty busy. In between working with Sister missionaries and in the Temple it sounds like you're serving our Father in Heaven well. What a great blessing you have to work in the Temple. The Temple is such a blessed place ...I miss going really bad.

Isn't it so good to be on a mission! You truly realize how important and grand the work of our Heavenly Father is. We had a great Zone Conference on the Atonement. It was SO powerful and we really learned about what our goal as missionaries is...SALVATION OF SOULS. What a huge work we have, but it isn't just the goal of missionaries but of all disciples of Jesus Christ -- all members of the Church have the responsibility to help bring Salvation unto the Souls of our brothers and sisters.

This next transfer should be interesting! As you may have noticed...I will be serving with E. Schmutz who has also only been out in the mission field for 4 months just like me. It is going to be a lot of work and will definitely be a huge humbling and learning experience! I am going to be in large need of your prayers and support. I am excited to serve my Heavenly Father and am grateful for a couple of AWESOME grandparents who are amazing examples to me.

Ester & Dylan are doing so great and Daniel should be an amazing baptism as well.

Thank you for the package with the tie, candy and socks...they were well needed and already well used. Keep working hard and remembering your Grandson in Belgium. I Love you two very much.

Love, Elder Jacob Simonson

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