Monday, July 5, 2010

Last Letter!!

Well last week in the mission.  It has been a lot different than I expected.  I feel really good.  I don't feel too sad... at least not yet.  It was a good week.  Elder Berrett and I continued working despite the hot weather and the temptation to not work as hard.  But the hard work payed off because we found some really cool people, and got in contact with some cool people who will become new investigators this next week for Elder Berrett and his new companion Elder Prunier who is french and who doesn't speak a word of English.  My poor boy.  He will definitely be pushed and tried to learn.  Plus the sisters in our ward are getting closed so all of their investigators and recent converts that they were teaching the Elders will be now teaching.  He has to describe their situations and all the things they have to do all in French.  It will be a lot of work but it will be a great learning opportunity.  
I am glad that Patrick enjoyed it, because he has helped me sooooo much on my mission.  He helped me learn french, he worked with us all the time and fed us every Saturday... He kept me going at the first of my mission and at the last of the mission.  So he deserved every last minute of it.  He is a good man.  A terrestrial angel for missionaries here.  
You are right I really don't have much to say. It is my last email and I will be seeing you in like 3 days so... I will tell you anything you want then.  I love you lots.  Hope everything goes well with the trip.  
One last thing that was very awesome this week was at church Timothy got up and bore his testimony and it was soooo amazing.  He seriously acts like a wise 80 year old man.  I love him and I got the feeling again that he will be a great instrument in the hands of the Lord here in Belgium for the years to come.  Also our DMP Frere Wery whom I love an respect SOOOO much got up and bore his testimony and thanked me.  For my work that I had done and for my testimony and that he had learned a lot from me.. I felt so loved and so thankful for him.  He is probably one of the most amazing man you will ever meet.  He is so dedicated to the work of the Lord and sacrifices so much.  The Ward is here simply because of him.  I appreciated that for once a member recognized the work that we missionaries do and he was grateful for it.  That was a special experience.  Well Trunkiness is setting in... I am ready to COME Home. I am way excited to see my family that I love... Mainly all the little kids and I feel confident in the work that I have done for the Lord and know that I am now ready to move on.  
Love Elder Jacob Von Simonson

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