Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello all. First of all, sorry that I forgot to answer your questions from the last email... I guess I will start with that.. You asked how much longer I have with Elder Nielsen .. and now the answer is, approx. 2 and a half days. It is crazy how fast this transfer flew by... but things were great with him... I love it. I learned so much from him, mainly how to set a vision and go towards it and also to use the time at Sacrament to receive guidance from the Lord.... But like I said I will be killing him... and yes, that means he is headed home to Tremonton, Utah and yes, that means you should go to his homecoming... don't know if that is possible but I recommend it because he will be fresh from the field living with me.. you understand??? That is like the closest you will get to me for a while haha... I'm glad you got my letter finally.. Unfortunately I haven't gotten yours.. or your package, but it should come soon.. I got a letter from Drew.. he was riding a camel.. I was jealous.. but it sounded like he was really scared to leave Mongolia... haha he doesn't want to come home... 
But now I guess I gotta tell ya what is going on with transfers.. for some reason God really, really wants me to stay in Belgium .. more specifically Brussels.. The crazy news was that I will be switching back to Brussels 1, so I will be leaving Brussels 2 ... I thought for sure I would stay and train a new Zone Leader .. but instead they white washed the companionship.. So I will be working with Elder De Mass...President called me last night and asked me if I was ready to come and be Assistant to the President.. and asked me yes or no.. and if no then he was going to send me home.. haha so I was obligated to say yes.. ..
I'm excited but really pretty nervous.. There is a lot of responsibility... and quite a bit of pressure. It hasn't really set in yet, but I think I will start stressing come Thursday... I didn't really want to tell you, but Elder Nielsen told me I should.. you can just not worry about needing to put that part on the blog .. haha 
The week was really good.. It was pretty crazy.. and really busy. We had our Zone Conference and Elder Kopishke came and threw it down on us... it was really intense. He is sucha good teacher. We had a Zone Leader Council with him, so we were 14 ZL's and him. and he just let us ask questions and taught us some great principles for a few hours .. 
It has been weird having Elder Nielsen getting ready to go home.. It was making me a little trunky.. but we tried to work hard this last week... His mind was all over the place but he was trying real hard to stay in the Zone and for the most part he did well.. .. I don't know too much else to tell you.. my mind is kinda all over the place.. this week we got fed a lot.. We went to a less active member's house and ate African food.. some fufu to be exact. It was good! It was fufu and peanut butter soup, nice and spicy with chicken.. it may not sound to good, but it is wow, good.. then also we ate at two Phillipino member's houses. They are the nicest.. for sure... but all in all.. it was good.  Also .. Elder Nielsen and I went to a Jehovoh's Witness church..... interesting... it's like our church, but they don't think.... They read out of this little magazine.. and then they ask questions and people answer by reading the paragraph they just read.... there is no thinking involved... It's pretty awesome .. we got invited to be baptized by the lady that invited us ... and we told her that we were already baptized with the true authority of God.. haha; I couldn't believe how big and nice their church is... and how many members they had.. they had some seroius priesthood potential??!  We will just say, I worked some magic and gave out a few cards... And got invited to come eat fufu at a Ghanian lady's house.. haha freaking JW's.. gotta love em!  They are proud to be JW though.. there are a lot of Mormons who are proud of it, and we actually have the Restored Gospel.. ... anyway my p-day will now be on Saturdays soo .. I will be emailing you this Sat.. 
I love you.. I hope everything will go well with Clint and Carter.. I will try to keep them in mind and pray for them... just remember, keep the commandments and give your time and life to God and then he has to bless you.. 
Love ya, buh-Bye.. 
Elder Von Simonson

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